Have you applied to an English Language Learning (ELL) or Academic Upgrading program? The Government of Alberta offers financial support to help with education and living costs.  This funding is called the Foundational Learning Assistance Program. 


Please be advised that there is NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING (Foundational Learning Assistance) available
for NEW learners for the Spring/Summer term - May 2024.  

ONGOING LEARNERS:  Please check your mybvc email after January 22nd from your academic department for next steps if you want to apply for funding for MAY 2024.  

 The following programs qualify for funding:

How to apply for funding

Step 1

We have no funded seats for SPRING 2024 programs.  We are NOT accepting any new requests for funding at this time.  Please return to this page for updates for FALL 2024 in May.

>> Send a request  (FORM IS CLOSED)
Step 2

You will need a verified Alberta.ca account. Create your verified account.  For more information please click HERE.

>> Create an account
Step 3 Once you have requested your funding application and set up your Alberta.ca account, the Government will send you an email to invite you to apply for funding. The email will come from foundational.learning.assistance@gov.ab.ca
Step 4 Open your email from the Government and complete your funding application!

If you need assistance, please email awfunding@bowvalleycollege.ca or book an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor HERE

Contact the Foundational Learning Assistance Program

Questions about applying for Foundational Learning Assistance Program funding? Call Alberta Supports at 1.877.644.9992.

Need information about your application after you've applied? Call the Foundational Learning Assistance Contact Centre at 1.800.222.6485.

Government of Alberta Foundational Learning Assistance was formerly called "Learner Income Support" and "Alberta Works." The information on this page is supplemental to information provided by the Government of Alberta.  

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