What is Learner Income Support?

Government of Alberta Learner Income Support is a financial support program managed by the Government of Alberta to support Alberta residents access adult education to help them towards more sustainable employment.

Program Opening date / Availability
English Language Learning --Continuing Learners
English Language Learning --New Learners CLOSED
Academic Upgrading --Continuing Learners


Academic Upgrading --New Learners CLOSED
Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP)
When you receive an acceptance email into the program you will be directed to submit your funding application and receive your TPI N/A

All dates above are subject to change.


What programs are eligible for Learner Income Support funding?

Bow Valley College provides the following Learner Income Support qualifying programs: 

Post-secondary (college-level) programs are not eligible for Learner Income Support funding.


Instructions for applying for admission and funding

1. Apply for admission to Bow Valley College

  1. Apply for admission to an eligible program at Bow Valley College. 
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $65. This fee is for your application to college - it is not related to Learner Income Support funding.
  3. You must be accepted into your program of choice before you apply for funding
For help in applying for admission to our programs, please contact our Prospective Student Centre:

In person: South Campus, First Floor, 345 - 6 Avenue SE


2. Complete your Learner Income Support application

Bow Valley College staff cannot help you with your Learner Income Support funding application and will not check your application for accuracy.

For help with your funding application, call the Alberta Supports Call Centre toll-free at 1-877-644-9992 or visit an Alberta Service Centre

Learner Income Support funding applications and information can be found on the Government of Alberta website.  Students can apply online or print the application form from the website. You can bring the printed copy to the Office of the Registrar

Please refer to the training start and end dates in the chart below when filling out your form:

Number of terms of study Training start date Training end date 
 One term (Spring only)  May 4, 2020 August 21, 2020 


3. Get your Training Provider Information form (TPI)

A Training Provider Information Form (TPI) confirms to the Government of Alberta that you have been accepted to Bow Valley College. You must request your TPI form at the Office of the Registrar in person. We do not email, mail, or fax this form to students.

Once you have filled out your form, Bow Valley College will collect and send your application to the Government of Alberta.

Your final registration depends on whether seats are available in your program, and whether your funding has been approved in time.


4. After you have applied

The Government of Alberta will normally send you a letter about the status of your application approximately six to eight weeks after you have applied.

Bow Valley College is unable to update you on your status. If you would like to know the status of your application, contact the Learner Income Support Office at 1-800-222-6485.

If you have any questions about the application process of your Learner Income Support application, please contact our Client Services team:

In person: South Campus, First Floor, 345 - 6 Avenue SE
Phone: 403-410-1400

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