The personal Security of all people at Bow Valley College is of the utmost importance to Campus Security. Campus Security conducts routine floor patrols of all downtown campuses to ensure that all people have a safe environment to be in; whether that be to learn, to teach, or just have lunch and a coffee. Campus Security strives to make people feel safe and secure while they are here at Bow Valley College.

CampusAlert App

When an emergency event occurs at Bow Valley College, CampusAlert provides official and real-time information. Bow Valley College CampusAlert will notify you for: severe weather alerts, college closures, lockdown/stay-in-place, or any other interruption or interference with our normal business. It also offers useful safety tools and health resources, accessible 24/7, wherever you are. 

Bow Valley College CampusAlert is free to download and is available for smartphone devices on the App Store and Google Play. Currently, it only requires 19Mb of space, which is very minimal compared to other social media apps that average 50Mb or more.  Get more information and download instructions on the CampusAlert App page.  If you have a mobile phone that is not a Smartphone, you can take advantage of the Text Message Feature, which will send you the same emergency notifications but via text.  Sign up for CampusAlert Text Messages.

Safe Walk

Safe Walk is a resource available to all employees and students at Bow Valley College. Campus Security personnel will escort members of either group to their vehicle, bus stops or any other location that meets the below requirements.

•  Within a two block radius of the North, South or West campus.
•  Safe Walk is located at the Campus Security Desk, on the first floor of North Campus. Call 403-410-1713.

Complaint investigation

Campus Security takes complaints from any individual seriously. Any complaint brought to Campus Security will be handled in the utmost confidence. We will also ensure that any complaint brought to us is dealt with in a sensitive manner that makes any individual feel comfortable. These complaints will be forwarded to the correct departments, or individuals depending on the requirements of the complaint. For sensitive investigations, you can notify your instructor. 

Lost and Found

Loss Prevention – Part of Campus Security's routine duties is to always be on the lookout for any activities that seem out of the ordinary. If Campus Security notices personal items left unattended they will collect these belongings and log them in to the lost and found. They also respond to any complaint regarding theft and will act accordingly to the situation.

Lost and Found – Lost and found items are held for 60 to 100 days, depending on the item. If the item is not retrieved, it will be donated back to the College and other foundations. To claim an item within 60 days please bring the following;

  • Description of the item.
  • Approximate date it was lost.
  • Photo or Staff/ Student ID to retrieve lost items.

Lost and Found is located at the Campus Security Desk, on the first floor of North Campus.

Preventing bike theft

Cycling is not only an inexpensive way to get around the city or to get to campus, but also a fantastic method of exercise. Learn more about how you can secure your bike while out-and-about in Calgary here 

Personal safety on and around campus

The College's Campus Security strives to make people feel safe and secure while they are here at Bow Valley College. You can reach Campus Security by calling the College's 24-hour response line at 403-410-1713.
Here are some important tips to follow when you are on or near the Bow Valley College campus:

  • When possible, walk with others when leaving the College, even if you go for a lunch break across the street.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings. If you see something that looks suspicious or unsafe to you, avoid that area. Take another route or cross the street. 
  • Always trust your instincts. If a situation doesn't feel safe, turn around and go back to the College or another safer area with more people around.
  • Show confidence when walking. Keep your head up and shoulders back.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, call Security and let them know. They can always check it out just to be sure everything is fine.
  • Do not confront suspects or suspicious persons. Maintain a safe distance and call 911 or return to the College and notify Security right away.
  • When you exit the College, please make sure the doors close tightly behind you.
  • Never leave your laptop, phone, or backpack unattended on campus.

For anyone taking Calgary Transit, please visit here to find support options for transit riders and to learn more about how Calgary Transit is keeping its ridership safe.

What to do in the unlikely event of an armed assailant on campus

In the unlikely event of an active shooter on campus, experts recommend three essential courses of action to help you avoid harm: Get Out – Hide – Fight. These methods are demonstrated in the following video.  All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to watch this instructional video.

Please be advised that this video production is dramatic and realistic. This video presents scenes where you will witness a gun being loaded, and hear several shots fired.  No one will be injured, but you will see aggressive actions.

View the closed captioned version here.

Security Office

N119, First Floor, North Campus

beside River Walk Café


Phone: 403-410-1713


Security and Emergency Services Manager

Rob Williams


Phone: 403-410-1424


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