Do you have a Letter of Permission from another Institution?

If you are attending another post-secondary institution and would like to register for a Bow Valley College course you will need a Letter of Permission:

  1. Request a Letter of Permission from your current post-secondary institution. They have the final say if our course will transfer to your program.
  2. Check if Bow Valley College offers the course in Open Studies. If so, you can register online without additional approval from Bow Valley College.
  3. For courses not in Open Studies, please email your letter to
  4. We may request your official transcript or other documentation.
  5. Registration is not guaranteed and depends on:
    • course availability
    • prerequisites
    • academic standing
    • Academic Department approval
  6. Requests for practicum, labs, and clinicals will not be approved. These are typically meant for Bow Valley College learners as there are specific requirements and space is limited.

Are you a current student who requires a Letter of Permission?

A Letter of Permission allows a student to take a course elsewhere with the intention of bringing the course back to your current studies at Bow Valley College. If you take an external course without a Letter of Permission, there is no guarantee your course will transfer.

You may be eligible for a Letter of Permission if you:

  • Intend to transfer the course you are taking back to your Bow Valley College credential program.
  • Have completed a minimum of 15 credits in your current Bow Valley College program OR you will be completing 15 credits by the end of your current term. If you do not complete 15 credits at the end of term your request can be denied.
  • Are in good standing in your most recent term when the letter is issued.

You are not eligible for a Letter of Permission if you/your:

  • Course is not going to be transferable to your Bow Valley College program.
  • Have attempted and been graded for the Bow Valley College course - this includes “W” and “F” grades
  • Currently attending the external course. A Letter of Permission must be issued before the first day of your course taken at an external institution.
  • Are on Academic Probation.

How to apply for Letter of Permission

  1. Speak to an Academic Advisor about the reason you are pursuing courses outside of Bow Valley College. Email
  2. Send an email to the Transfer Credit team for a request form:

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