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Have you completed college or university courses before? Find out more about applying for transfer credit at Bow Valley College.

Get credit for courses you've completed at other colleges or universities (some exceptions apply). Bow Valley College can grant transfer credit in the following cases:

  • When you apply as a new student to a Bow Valley College career program (you will submit your official transcripts from other schools at this time)
  • When you complete credit courses at Bow Valley College, and enter a new program

Steps for applying for transfer credit:

  1. Fill out and submit a Request for Transfer Credit form to the Office of the Registrar. Bring the form to the front counter of the Office of the Registrar, email it to, or fax it to 403-297-4887. There is no fee to apply for transfer credit.
  2. You may need to provide course outlines for the courses you would like considered for transfer credit. Outlines should show the course credit value, weight of exams and assignments, textbooks used, assignments given, and the overall outcomes of the courses. We cannot accept course descriptions written by students.
  3. We will review the transfer credit request once you have applied to a program, and will proceed with your transfer credit request once you have confirmed your seat in that program.
  4. We cannot consider non-credit courses for transfer credit.
  5. Apply for transfer credit at the same time you apply for admission to your Bow Valley College career program. Applications for transfer credit will be accepted up until the add/drop deadline for each semester. We can accept supporting documents (transcripts, course outlines) needed for evaluation up to one week after the application deadline. If you are requesting transfer credit for a large number of courses that require a course outline review, you should submit your transfer application as early as possible to allow time for the review to take place.
  6. You will need official, final grades on any courses you're applying to receive transfer credit for by the start date of the semester you're applying for (for example, January 7, 2015). If there is no grade by that date, your request will be denied.


Internal transfer credit: Students who have completed courses at Bow Valley College in a previous term can receive credit in their new program. The course grade will remain on the student record to show the completed course.

External transfer credit: Courses competed at another institution which are assessed as equivalent to a Bow Valley College course. A transfer credit grade will show in place of the course on the student transcript.

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR): Students can take a challenge exam to receive credit for the respective course(s). Students who are registered in the Practical Nurse program and fully qualified as health care aides can receive PLAR for three courses: COMM1101, NURS1202, and NURS1302. Students will need to submit proof of a completed health care aide certificate and 1,900 competed work hours from their employer. Students in the Practical Nurse for Internationally Educated Nurses pathway are only eligible to receive PLAR for COMM1101 and NURS1302.

Things to consider

  • Transfer credit approval is never guaranteed, and the assessment process takes a minimum of six to eight weeks to complete.
  • Course content sent in for a transfer credit assessment must match at least 80% of the respective Bow Valley College course in order to receive transfer credit. You will be required to attend the class you're seeking to get transfer credit for until your request is approved.
  • Regardless of transfer credit approval, you're required to complete a minimum of 25% of your program at Bow Valley College in order to earn a Bow Valley College certificate or diploma.
  • Only courses completed with a minimum mark of 'C' will be considered for transfer credit. For some programs, the minimum mark can be higher than a 'C'.
  • Please note that all courses are under time limitations, which are specific to each course and program. This means that courses you're seeking transfer credit for must have been completed within a certain period prior to credit being granted; that period varies for each course and program. The transfer credit and PLAR officer will provide information specific to your situation once you've submitted a transfer credit request.
  • For credit granted, refunds will be processed by the student accounts department and will be returned in the same method of payment the tuition was originally paid with.
  • In some cases, approved transfer credit can drop you to part-time status. It is your responsibility to confirm how many credits you need to remain as a full-time student if you have a work permit, Alberta Works funding, or a student loan.
  • If you are denied transfer credit, you may appeal the decision by writing to Assistant Registrar Lorrie Keon. The appeal must explain why an exception should be made, despite the transfer credit policies that exist. The assistant registrar's decision is final.
  • PLAR fees are non-refundable.
  • All documents submitted for transfer credit evaluation become the property of the College and will not be returned; if original documents must be kept by the student, certified copies of the originals can be submitted. In addition, it is your responsibility to have any supporting documents (such as transcripts) translated before being submitted for evaluation.

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