Bow Valley College Transcripts 

Official Transcripts for currently enrolled learners in the 2022 Spring-Summer term will not be issued between Tuesday August 23, 2022 to Tuesday August 30, 2022. Transcripts will be released on August 31, 2022

An official transcript is a detailed record of your complete academic history at Bow Valley College that includes an authorized signature. An official transcript is issued as a secure digital document that you can share with any recipient of your choice. Transcripts should only be requested if you require a copy or if you need to share externally outside of Bow Valley College.

Please refer to Official Bow Valley College Transcript Key for institutional transcript legend which provides information for understanding college transcripts.


Secured Electronic Transcripts

Bow Valley College is now issuing secured electronic transcripts through MyCreds™ platform. The college is no longer printing and mailing official sealed paper transcripts to learners or any other recipients.

Bow Valley College utilizes MyCreds™ to issue official transcripts and other verified documents in a secure digital format. MyCreds™ is the official transcript and document sharing system of the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada in partnership with Digitary, a leading digital credential platform for certifying, sharing and verifying academic documents.

Digital transcripts issued through MyCreds™ are certified and official, and can be securely provided to educational institutions, employers, and other organizations. Learners and graduates will also be able to download PDF copies of their transcripts and documents from MyCreds platform and print out unofficial paper copies of their transcripts from the PDFs.

 How to request an official Bow Valley College transcript

Important: There is a different process for sending transcripts to college and universities in Alberta—see further down.

Official transcripts will be issued automatically to each learner once official graduation from a post-secondary program has been confirmed. These should not be requested separately.

Official transcripts will not be issued if there are outstanding financial obligations to Bow Valley College.

  1. Active learners with access to MyBVC accounts:
    Fill out and submit the Official Transcript Request form available within MyBVC portal.

    Alumni and former learners:
    Complete the Request for Official Transcripts form and email the completed form to

  2. When your digital transcript is ready to access, you will receive an email confirmation from MyCreds to your personal email account with instructions for retrieving and sharing your document with recipients of your choice. Please make sure that it is the same personal email account that we have on your learner record or that you provided on the Request for Official Transcripts form. Please note that the recipient will not be able to access your transcript unless you share it with them in your MyCreds account. 

If you have previously created MyCreds account using your MyBVC email address, or a personal email account different from the one you provided to the College now, please make sure to add the new personal email account to your Profile Settings under your existing MyCreds account. Please review page 3 of the instructions document below for details on how to do that. This will allow you to access the document that was issued to your personal email account within your existing MyCreds account. 

For more information about how to use MyCreds platform to access, share or download your official documents, please refer to the Retrieving MyCreds Documents Tips Sheet.


 Also be sure to check out the series of MyCreds How to Videos that can help you understand different functions of your credential wallet.

For MyCreds frequently asked questions, please visit their webpage at  MyCreds FAQs.

Once you submit an official transcript to the Office of the Registrar, it cannot be released or copied for you.

Official Transcript Fee

As of July 1, 2021 there will be a $12 CAD fee charged for an Official Transcript.

Payments will be required for each document share that they make with the recipient(s) of their choice, or when they download their document in PDF file format. Please refer to the 2021/22 Mandatory non-instructional fees chart for more detailed fee structure for the documents issued through MyCreds™.


Please note effective February 23, 2022, learners will be required to purchase at least 1 share to view new or updated documents. At this time, it is imperative to check the document for errors and notify immediately prior to downloading and/or sharing your document. The records department will then upload the corrected document and the learner will be able to use the share credit they purchased to view the document going forward. You can continue to purchase additional share credits for that document if required. Frequently asked questions about this change can be found here.
*If the document is shared or downloaded prior to notifying the records department of any error, the cost of additional shares is on the learner.
**Learners must also make sure the correct recipient information is entered prior to sharing a document. We are unable to provide any refunds for purchased credits or sharing errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that official transcripts that are to be sent to an Alberta post-secondary institution are ordered online through the Apply Alberta system, not through MyCreds.

Official transcripts will be sent electronically though the Apply Alberta system to the Alberta institutions that you request.

Requests through Bow Valley College (issued through MyCreds): up to 5 business days

Requests through ApplyAlberta: up to 5 business days

Transcript records that involve courses taken before the year 2000 may take a longer time to issue.

During peak periods, requests may take longer due to high volume.

Active Bow Valley College learners with access to can view or print their unofficial transcript from within this learner portal.

If you attended high school in another province, please visit Alberta Learning to find contact information.

Once you submit an official transcript to the Office of the Registrar, it cannot be released or copied for you.

Office of the Registrar and Enrolment Services

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