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Interested in learning more about Disability, Inclusion, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Join us at one of our upcoming workshops!

Winter 2023 Dates

Are you interested in learning more about disabilities? Want to learn ways to help support people with disabilities and create more inclusive and accessible environments?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss some of the ABCs of disability. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about different perspectives and views on disability
  • Discuss and dispel common myths and assumptions about people with disabilities
  • Share ways you can help support people with disabilities

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You may have heard the world “ally” – but do you know what it means? How can YOU take an active role in changing attitudes, reducing barriers, and promoting inclusion for people with disabilities?

In this workshop we’ll discuss allyship and how it relates to inclusion – specifically for people with disabilities. We will:

  • Define the term ally and what it REALLY means
  • Discuss how allyship relates to inclusion and equity
  • Learn how to recognize systemic barriers to inclusion
  • Discover ways to be a stronger ally and support people with disabilities

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Universal design can help everyone communicate, participate, and learn – without needing to make additional changes or provide accommodations. Sound hard? It’s not!

In this session, we’ll talk about some easy things that you can do to make things more usable and accessible for anyone, including people with disabilities. You’ll also learn about some of the great tech tools that anyone can use to stay organized and study smarter.

  • -Learn about Universal Design and UDL principles
  • Learn some quick and easy ways to make more accessible resources
  • Discover technology tools, software, and apps that can help you with your studies

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