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Are you a student with diverse needs or disabilities? Find out more about the support services you have access to.

Accessibility Services Portal

What is Accessibility Services?

Everyone should have equal access to education.

Accessibility Services in Learner Success Services offers academic accommodations for learners with disabilities.

We work hard to make sure all students have access to the education they need through academic accommodations and the promotion of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices.

If you are a new student to Bow Valley College and have a disability (e.g mental health issue, learning disability, physical disability etc...) or think you might have a disability please book an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor

If you have current documentation of your disability please bring it to your appointment. If you don’t have documentation, take this form to your doctor or medical specialist to fill out.

Please fill in this intake form and bring it to your Accessibility Advisor appointment.

Use this Check List to help guide you.

If you have been approved for academic accommodations, you can use the Accessibility Services Portal to request your IAP, book appointments and book tests in LSS.

Accessibility Services Portal

For help using the Accessibility Portal, see the instructions and video below

  • IAP instructions_Accessibility Portal.pdf
  • LSS tests_Accessibility Portal.pdf
  • IAP Video_Accessibility Portal.mp4

Use this Check List to help guide you through your accommodation process between terms.


We are here to help you succeed in your classes.  If you need extra help we have Reboot (tutoring), peer tutors, learning coaches, workshops and assistive technology for all learners at the College. 

Visit the Academic Success Centre for more information.


Accessibility Services is responsible for the determination and provision of academic accommodations at the College through the Learner Accommodation Policy and the Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities Procedure.

Under Alberta Human Rights legislation, Bow Valley College has a duty to accommodate learners with disabilities. We are here to help you assist BVC learners with accommodations in your classes.

You will receive an email when a student in your class has been approved for an accommodation. You will be asked to sign in to the Accessibility Portal using your BVC Credentials to view the student’s Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) and upload tests for those who write in LSS.

More information:

  • Exam Accommodations Document
    • QRG for IAP’s
    • QRG for uploading tests
    • Contact

Universal Design for Learning

Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching that eliminates barriers through initial design and instruction rather than overcoming barriers later, through individual accommodations. We encourage instructors to incorporate UDL principles in the design of curriculum and classes as this decreases the need for individual accommodations and increases access and engagement for all learners.

Learn more about UDL


UDL Centre

Please contact us as soon as you're accepted and at least four months before classes start.
Visit us at Learner Success Services (downtown South Campus).
You can also call 403-410-1440 or email accessibility@bowvalleycollege.ca.

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