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Accessibility Services provides services and supports for students with disabilities. Although we are not offering in-person supports right now, we are still here to help!

Until further notice, we are providing services through email, phone, and online through MS Teams. You can also email if you have any questions.

Make an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor or the AT Advisor through our LSS Booking Portal:

Book an Appointment

Log in and send in your IAP through the Accessibility Portal:

Send your IAP

Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities are able to access classroom and exam accommodations for all courses, including online classes. However, online accommodations may be different than the ones you might use in a face-to-face class.

If you are a new student to Bow Valley College and have a disability (e.g mental health diagnosis, learning disability, physical disability, etc.) or think you might have a disability please book an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor If you have current documentation related to your disability (psychoeducational reports, medical documentation, IPP/IAP plans from other schools), please have it ready to send to your Advisor. If you don't have any documentation or are not sure what is needed, please make an appointment and we can help you access appropriate documentation. You may also find the following links helpful:



Accessibility Portal

Current students can use the Accessibility Portal to:
  • request and send your IAP to instructors,
  • book tests and exams.

If your current accommodations work for your classes, request your IAP through the Accessibility Portal as usual. We also recommend that you speak to your instructor and discuss how your accommodations may work best in an online environment.

  • Need help sending your IAP? Check out this handout: Sending your IAP
  • If you have concerns about your online classes and need to change your accommodations, please make an appointment with your Accessibility Advisor.

Accessibility Advisors and the AT Advisor are available by phone or online appointment

Online appointments will be held through MS Teams.

  • To book a phone or online appointment, please use out the LSS Booking site
  • If you are a new student or need help booking an appointment, you can also email: or phone: 403-410-1440

MS Teams is one of the tools that you’ll be using in your online classes. Many departments, including Accessibility Services, also use MS Teams for our online meetings. We use webcams and microphones so you can see and hear us and ask questions, just like in a regular face-to-face meeting.

MS Teams will work on any device. You can use a laptop, tablet, or phone to connect. To get started with MS Teams and get ready for your first online appointment, check out these resources:

All quizzes/exams will be held ONLINE until further notice. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming exam, we recommend speaking to your instructor first for more information.

If you use a Reader, Scribe, or Read and Write software, please get in touch with us as soon as you know about any upcoming exams. We will work with you and your instructor to ensure that you have access to your accommodations.

Assistive Technology is equipment and software that is used by students with disabilities to help them access their learning materials.

The AT Advisor can help you with technology questions related to your disability, including software questions about Read and Write. Read and Write is the most common AT software used at Bow Valley College - it will let you read any computer text out loud. Read and Write is helpful for reading materials like Word documents, articles, websites, and D2L resources. All Bow Valley College students are able to access a free version of Read and Write and install it on a personal computer.

If you are using a phone/tablet – you can use your mobile device’s built-in reading features to read your texts and information out loud.

If you have questions about Read and Write, or are interested in using other AT products, please make an appointment with the AT Advisor.



More information about Accessibility Services

If you need extra help the Academic Success Centre offers free writing support, peer tutors, learning coaches, and workshops for all learners at the College. 

Visit the Academic Success Centre for more information.


Accessibility Services is responsible for the determination and provision of academic accommodations at the College through the Learner Accommodation Policy and the Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities Procedure.

Under Alberta Human Rights legislation, Bow Valley College has a duty to accommodate learners with disabilities. We are here to help you assist BVC learners with accommodations in your classes.

For more resources and information on the accommodation process at Bow Valley College please see our Accessibility page on College Connect.


We encourage instructors to incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in the design of curriculum and classes as this decreases the need for individual accommodations and increases access and engagement for all learners. UDL is a framework to improve and optimize teaching that eliminates barriers through initial design and instruction rather than overcoming barriers later, through individual accommodations. 

Learn more about UDL


Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education

Please contact us as soon as you're accepted and/or at least four months before classes start.
Please note LSS supports are only available online at this time.
Call 403-410-1440 or email

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