Indigenous Graduation Celebration

In tandem with each Bow Valley College Convocation, Iniikokaan Centre hosts a celebration for graduating Indigenous students. A this ceremony, their academic success is celebrated and they receive a Medicine Pouch as a symbol of their hard work and commitment.

Indigenous Medicine Pouch

Medicine Pouch

The Medicine Pouch is a deeply spiritual and sacred item that has been use by Indigenous Peoples for thousands of years. We celebrate the making of the medicine pouch as a special part of our history and culture. Our indigenous graduates receives a Medicine Pouch upon graduation.

The graduation Medicine Pouch was created as protection and a sign of achievement for our students. This pouch includes the blessings and prayers from Elder Calvin Williams and is meant to help in the journey and provide guidance on the path. The Medicine Pouch contains sacred medicines and sources of life including the buffalo who reminds us of resilience, sustainability, and our commitment to our Spirit.

The Medicine Pouch is a reminder of the positive contribution our students have made to their life and the commitment to their work and vision. When afraid or unsure they can pray with this pouch to ask for guidance, clarity and understanding the next steps in the journey.

This Medicine Pouch carries responsibilities and vision, and care should be taken to ensure its spirit is fostered. Students can take care of this pouch by bringing it to places of positivity, smudging and praying with it and to share in the joy of service to ourselves, our community, and to the land.

We thank Elder Calvin Williams for creating, blessing, and providing the teachings of this sacred item.

Graduation and Convocation team

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