Important Information for Convocation December 7, 2023

1. Arrive on Time. Please note that graduands are expected to be at the Jack Singer Concert Hall 1 hour before their ceremony start time. Graduands should be mindful and respectful of time.

2. Graduands are expected to be dressed in their regalia and prepared for Convocation when they arrive for check in at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. There will be no space or accommodation for graduands to get ready at the hall. Only graduands who are in their full regalia will be allowed to check in to their assigned mustering area.

3. Guests' Tickets must remain with Guests. Ensure that guests have their tickets. If tickets must be picked up, please leave them at the Box Office. Please keep all tickets in a safe place.

4. We recommend that graduands leave their personal belongings at home. There will be an unmanned coat check at Arts Commons for graduands only. We suggest graduands stow their coats and purses at the coat check before checking in the mustering area – additional items cannot be carried into the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Please be advised that this will not be monitored coat check and belongings are left at your own risk. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Once a graduand has checked in to their mustering area, they must remain in their mustering group until after the ceremony. If they leave for any reason, they may not be able to participate.

5. Phones are not permitted to be used in the Jack Singer Concert Hall out of respect of the Platform Party, speakers, guests, and fellow graduands. If you must keep your phone with you, please set them to silent during the ceremony. No flash photography from phones should be taken during the ceremony.

Frequently used terms and definitions

A graduate or former student of a school, college or university
Someone who is eligible to graduate but has not graduated
When your degree has been conferred or your diploma is awarded, you become a graduate
Honorary Degree
An academic degree for which has been waived all the usual requirements
Platform Party
Made up of the Chancellor's Party and the Academic Staff Party
When the platform party enters the ceremony hall
At the end of the ceremony, this is when graduates exit out of the ceremony hall
The black cap and gown graduates wear
A decorative vest worn by graduands. The color of stoles will represent the School graduands are graduating from
Decorative hanging threads from graduates' caps. The color of tassel will represent the Schools the graduates are graduating from
A student, typically having the highest academic achievements of the class, who delivers the valedictory at a graduation ceremony

Your guide to Convocation

Although Convocation is a formal event, we do recommend wearing semi-formal clothing that is comfortable enough to sit in for the duration of the ceremony (approximately 2 hours).

If you had not picked up your regalia gown from the South campus prior to December 7, 2023, you will not be able to do so the day of the ceremony.

Only graduands in their full regalia will be allowed to enter the mustering area of Jack Singer Concert Hall.

You will be responsible for returning your items at the end of your Convocation Ceremony where you picked up your regalia. Rental gowns need to be dropped off before 6:00pm on December 7, 2023; after that time, you will be charged with late fees.

Your Regalia: Black gown, black cap, tassel and stole

Your stole are sashes worn draped on your shoulders over your black gowns. It signifies your academic achievement during your time at the College. Your stole will match the color of the Schools you are graduating from.

Color of your stole
Centre for Entertainment Arts Lilac
Chiu School of Business Blue 
School of Community Studies Red
School of Health and Wellness White
School of Technology Green

How to wear your Regalia: Graduation Cap

Proper placement of the graduation cap is on the top of your head somewhat covering the forehead (as shown below). Ensure that your tassels are placed on the right-hand side before you enter Jack Singer Concert Hall. You will be instructed to move them to the left near the end of the ceremony.

A picture of a graduate wearing the regalia gown, cap, matching stole and tassel of their graduating SchoolA picture of a graduate wearing the regalia gown, cap, matching stole and tassel (placed on the right side) of their graduating School.

Your Pre-Convocation Checklist:

Pick up your Regalia at the college prior to the ceremony. You will have very little time to do this the day of the ceremony.
✔ Guests have their tickets or ensure that they know where to pick them up (please see guest tickets for more information)

Day of Ceremony
  • Be in full regalia before arriving at the Jack Singer Concert Hall lobby. You will not be able to enter the mustering area unless you are in your full regalia. There is no space or capacity to dress at the concert hall.
  • Be at Jack Singer Concert Hall 1 hour before your ceremony time.
  • Check the weather and dress appropriately (guests will be waiting outside, please refer to guest tickets for more information).
  • Ensure that your guests have their tickets.
Mustering Entrance and Area: 

Graduands enter through the upper lobby of Arts Commons. There will be signage labelled appropriately. Once you have arrived at your program area:

1. You will be given a folder with your commemorative parchment and a reader card with your name; please keep this with you. The reader card is what you will hand to the stage announcer as you walk across the stage.

2. You will be lined up in alphabetical order.

3. Once lining up has occurred and you choose to leave your mustering area, you may not be able to participate in the ceremony.

The Graduate Processional

Once you have mustered, your mustering leads will let you know when the event will begin. The first part of the ceremony is the processional.

Graduands walk into the Jack Singer Concert Hall in a particular order. The order in which you enter the hall and where you will be seated is based on the program and credential you are graduating from in alphabetical order. You will begin to leave the mustering area in a single file line to the main doors of the concert hall.

You will be ushered into Jack Singer Concert Hall by the processional lead while the processional music (pipe organ) is playing, and then you will be seated in the designated area.

You will be signaled to sit down when appropriate to do so after the Platform Party has entered, and the national anthem has been sung.

Below are important points related to the ceremony:

1. To show respect for your fellow graduands, faculty, staff, platform party, family and friends, we ask all graduands to remain in the ceremony until the completion of the event.

2. You will be directed when to stand, remain standing, and be seated.

3. If at anytime during the ceremony you require anything, we ask that you remain seated, and your processional lead can assist you with any inquiries.

4. Please note that ceremony length can vary. You will have enough time in your mustering areas to go to the washroom and do a final check before the ceremony begins.

Preparing to Cross the Stage:

Graduands will be signaled by their processional leads when it is time to walk across the stage. Graduands will proceed from their seats to stage right.

Once you are at the end of the stage, you will be greeted by the Head Marshall and make sure the following:

  • Reader card is accessible and ready to hand to the announcer
  • Graduation tassel is on right hand side

You will walk up and provide the announcer with your name card and your name will be announced. You will continue to proceed across the stage where you will be greeted by your Academic Dean, President and CEO and Board Chair.

You will then continue to walk towards stage left to exit the stage where you will be greeted by our Alumni Team and receive an alumni pin. Then you will be directed back towards your original seat for the duration of the ceremony.

Once the presentation of graduands has been completed, the Vice President Academic will make remarks to recognize the graduands “in absentia” who are not present at the ceremony and ask for admission.

It is at this point that the graduand becomes the graduate, and you will be asked to move your tassel from right to left to signify your achievement.

Once this has happened, the Platform party on stage will be the first to leave the concert hall. The drum circle will play as they exit out. All attendees will have to stand as they are leaving (this is called the platform recessional). When the drum circle ends, organ music will begin, signaling graduates to exit. You will be led by the College processional staff starting with the back row up to the front row. The processional staff will lead you back to the upper lobby to collect your belongings and you will be guided to exit Jack Singer Concert Hall.

There will be an opportunity to gather in the lobby after the ceremony where there will be a photo booth available.

Graduation and Convocation team

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