How to calculate your GPA?

Official Grading Policy, effective September 1, 2017

Grade Percentage Grade Point Value Description
A+ 95 - 100 4.0 Exceptional
A 90 - 94 4.0
A- 85 - 89 3.67 Excellent
B+ 80 - 84 3.33
B 75 - 79 3.0
B- 70 - 74 2.67 Good
C+ 67 - 69 2.33
C 64 - 66 2.0
C- 60 - 63 1.67 Satisfactory
D+ 57 - 59 1.33
D 50 - 56 1.0 Minimal Pass
F 0 - 49 0.0 Fail

Follow the steps below to calculate your GPA:
  1. Convert the letter grade for each course to a Grade Point Value by referring to the Grading System chart above
    The following notations are not included in the GPA calculation: I - Incomplete, W - Withdraw, AU - Audit, P - Pass, PL - Prior Learning, TC - Transfer Credit, Non-credit courses, courses graded on a Competency-Based Education scale.
  2. Calculate the total number of Grade Points for each course by multiplying the course's Grade Point Value by the number of course credits
  3. Calculate the sum of the attempted course credits for the term. Add up the total number of the Total Grade Points
  4. Finally, calculate the Grade Point Average by dividing the total number of grade points by the sum of the attempted credits

Example of a GPA calculation:

Course Grade Grade Point Value Course Credits Total Grade Points
ANAT1101 B 3.0 6 18.0
ENGL1201 C+ 2.33 3 6.99
MGMT1201 B- 2.67 3 8.01
COMM1101 F 0.0 3 0.0
15 total credits 33 total grade points
33 (total grade points) / 15 (total credits) = 2.2 GPA
The GPA is calculated in 2 different circumstances:
  • Cumulative Program Grade Point Average (CPGPA): The grade point average for all courses a learner has completed that are part of the program in which he/she is registered.

  • Term Program Grade Point Average (TPGPA): The grade point average for all the courses a learner has completed in a particular term that are part of the program in which he/she is registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a learner repeats a course, only the final grade which is higher will be counted towards a learner’s academic standing and GPA calculation.

Please refer to the Program Course Lists to determine which courses should be included for the calculation. Video instructions regarding how to navigate the program course lists can be found here.

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