Are you a new student and nervous about starting classes? Need to improve your study skills? Learning Boot Camp is a full day of workshops and sessions that will help you get ready to be the best student you can be.

This full-day event is designed for new students to Bow Valley College.

The next Learning Boot Camp is:
Tuesday, December 17 - 9:00AM - 3:00 PM


At Learning Boot Camp you will:

  • meet fellow students
  • discover academic supports and services that are available to all BVC students
  • explore how to manage your time and reduce stress and anxiety
  • learn how to be the best student you can be!

Learning Boot Camp Agenda - Winter 2019

Welcome to Boot Camp

Find out who’s who in Learner Success Services and learn about some great free services you can access as a Bow Valley College student.

Stories From My First Year

Feeling nervous about starting at BVC? Listen to BVC students as they share stories from their first semester and learn about tips, resources and strategies they used to succeed in their program.

Stress Management

Stress comes with school - it’s a fact. This workshop presented by a Bow Valley College Counsellor, will help you understand the stress that comes with being a student and strategies to reduce it.

RGO Library & Learning Commons Tour

Come meet our Librarians on this quick tour of the RGO Library & Learning Commons. They will show you around the library, help you scout out some of the best quiet Study Spaces, and let you know about resources and workshops to help with your research and studying.

Introduction to the Academic Success Centre

Did you know that the Academic Success Centre has free academic supports for all students at Bow Valley College? This workshop will outline the services provided at the ASC. After the presentation, test your knowledge with a fun and interactive Jeopardy game.

Time Management & Procrastination

Managing your time and getting things done is a challenge faced by many new students. Our Learning Coach team brings their expertise to this workshop, offering tips and strategies on how to manage your time and avoid procrastination.

Academic Writing Prep

Each academic field has its own writing requirements, but some common strategies can help. This workshop, presented by a Writing Specialist, begins with explaining the different types of essays students will encounter at Bow Valley College. You will also get a refresher about the rules of writing and an introduction to the essay writing process.

For more information, please contact the Academic Success Centre


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