Trained peer tutors are available through the Academic Success Centre for select courses. They have completed our online Peer Tutoring Training module, are in good academic standing, and have been recommended by an instructor. They are all students currently enrolled at Bow Valley College.

Services begin on Monday September 12, 2022.

For more information about tutor availability and how to book an online appointment through MS Teams, please check out AC101 on D2L or click on the links below to book an appointment with a tutor.

PN Term 1 (A&P, Math, Nursing Arts, NF1) - Online & In-person Appointments
PN Term 2 (Patho, Pharm, NF2) - Online & In-person Appointments
PN Term 3 (Maternity, Pediatrics, NF3) - Online & In-person Appointments

Software Development

Interior Decorating

Entertainment Arts

Science Prep and High School Science tutoring is available in-person only in Room N266. Click the link to check available times:
Science Prep & Science 10
Biology 20/30
Chemistry 20
Chemistry 30
Physics 20/30

Basic Math and High School Math tutoring is available in-person in Room N266 and online through MS Teams. Click the link to check available times:
Basic Math
Math Prep10/Math 10-C
Math 20-2
Math 30-2
Math 20-1/Math 30-1

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