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Welcome to Bow Valley College - it's great to meet you!

We know that starting classes in a new school can be a nervous or anxious experience for many students. All Aboard will give you the opportunity to learn and practice some of the skills and strategies you'll need to be a successful student before you get here. We'll introduce you to BVC and help you figure out what to expect in your first classes and assignments. All Aboard will also give you an opportunity to practice with our online course software, D2L Brightspace, and help you get more familiar with the technology you'll use while you're here at BVC.

Please note: All Aboard is NOT mandatory - there is no grade attached to it and you are not required to complete any of the modules or activities.

D2L Brightspace

To get started with All Aboard, you'll need to use our online course software called D2L Brightspace - it is a webpage specifically designed for online courses. The good news is that you don't need to download anything special to your computer or phone, all you'll need is internet access.

If you're brand new to online learning: We recommend that you start by watching our D2L Brightspace orientation. This video will help you log in for the first time and learn about all of the common features used in D2L Brightspace. Once you've finished the video, you should be ready to start All Aboard - but if you need additional help, you can always check out our D2L Brightspace Resource page for more information.

If you've previously taken an online course, or if you've used D2L Brightspace before: That's great news! You already know how things work in an online course and what to expect. If you'd like, you can can follow these instructions to get started with All Aboard - it is a great place to practice your D2L Brightspace skills and learn how online courses are set up at BVC. If you run into any trouble though, don't worry! You can check out our resource page for our full walkthrough video, as well as videos and resources to help you with specific features in D2L Brightspace.

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