This page contains our international programs total tuition information.

All tuition and fees are subject to change. Program tuitions are estimates only. Your actual tuition and fees are calculated on actual course registrations and can be viewed under "Statement of Account" in MyBVC or by requesting a Statement of Account from Registrar Services.

2021/22 tuition and fees effective July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Learner financial accounts are governed by the Learner Financial Accounts Policy 500-1-11.

2021/22 Tuition and Fees by Program (expressed in Canadian dollars based on 5 courses full-load status)

Program Name
Total Tuition 
Administrative Professional Certificate  1 year  $14,300
Advanced 3D Animation and 3D Modelling Diploma
 2 year *  $66,996
Advanced Game Development Diploma
 2 year *  $66,996
Advanced Visual Effects Diploma   2 year *  $67,002
Business Administration Certificate  1 year   $16,166
Business Administration Diploma   2 year  $32,467
Child and Youth Care Diploma   2 year *  $39,130
Cloud Computing Post-Diploma Certificate   1 year   $25,446
Cybersecurity Post-Diploma Certificate
 1 year   $25,626
Data Management and Analytics Post-Diploma Certificate   1 year   $18,369
Digital Design Diploma
 2 year   $47,108
Digital Marketing Post-Diploma Certificate   1 year  $18,369
Disability Studies Certificate   1 year   $13,776
Disability Studies Diploma
 2 year   $29,391
Early Childhood Education and Development Diploma   2 year   $27,150
Education Assistant Certificate   1 year   $12,891
Foundation Entertainment Arts Certificate   1 year   $21,000
Health and Human Services Management Post-Diploma Certificate   1 year   $15,901
Health Care Aide Certificate   1 year   $19,134 
Hospital Unit Clerk Certificate   1 year   $13,626
Human Resources Certificate   1 year   $16,226
Information Technology Systems Diploma   2 year   $41,564
Interior Decorating Diploma   2 year   $27,070
International English Language Learning   4 Months  $4,959
Justice Studies Diploma   2 year   $25,359
Kitchen and Bath Design Post-Diploma Certificate
 1 year   $19,733
Legal Assistant Diploma   2 year   $26,292 
Medical Office Assistant Certificate   1 year   $13,236 
Pharmacy Technician Diploma   2 year   $29,262
Social Work Diploma   2 year *  $40,826
Software Development Diploma   2 year   $37,640 
Software Development Post-Diploma Certificate  1 year   $20,058
Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate
 1 year  $12,996 

* These programs' duration is 6 terms. Total tuition is based on the full load status of 6 terms.

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