International Application Steps      APPLY NOW

Step 1) Choose your program of study

Some programs are popular and fill up really quickly. Check seats availability before submitting an application.

Step 2) Submit your online application

Review the application deadline for international students and when ready submit an online application (you will be redirected to Apply Alberta website).

Step 3) Gather your documents

Send your official high school transcripts, official translations and your proof of English language proficiency to

Step 4) Submit fees

Submit the application fee. If accepted reserve your seat with the non-refundable/non-transferable confirmation fee.

Step 5) Study permit application

Once you receive the Letter of Acceptance, you can apply for a study permit at your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate. Your study permit application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will require both our Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number: O19273769422 and an Official Letter of Acceptance. Canadian DLI’s can be verified with Citizen and Immigration Canada.

Step 6) Sign in to MYBVC 

Check Bow Valley College (MyBVC) email to get important information. This is your communication tool with the College.

We strongly recommend applying a minimum of 12 months in advance of the intended start of your studies. It is very important to ensure that there is sufficient time for processing your study permit application before confirming your start date. Refer to the drop down menu below for more guidance on how to apply.

Start Date  Applications Open
Winter 2020 (January)  December 2, 2018
Spring 2020 (May)   April 1, 2019
Fall 2020 (September)  August 1, 2019


Before you apply

Bow Valley College was informed that there have been changes to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) under the Alberta Opportunity Stream. The AINP is a provincial program which nominates eligible individuals for permanent residence application processing through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The requirements for permanent residency programs may be adjusted without prior notice by government in response to the labor demands across various provinces/territories or on a national level. For complete details on the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program please check AINP website here. Bow Valley College is committed to reviewing and understanding the concerns and feedback that we have been receiving from learners. We invite you to review the information below for clarification on a number of points. 1. There have been No Changes to the programs that are Designated Learning Institution approved at Bow Valley College. This means that the Bow Valley College Letter of Acceptance you received is still valid for study permit application. All of our Certificate, Diploma and Post-Diploma/Post-Degree programs remain DLI approved by the provincial and federal governments. Government of Canada, Information on Study Permits. 2. Eligibility for Post-Graduate Work Permit application has not changed. All of our full-time Certificate, Diploma and Post-Diploma/Post-Degree programs remain eligible for application for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. You must meet all eligibility requirements as an individual applicant. Bow Valley College does make every effort to ensure that where possible our programs comply with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s student pathway programs to meet the general eligibility for the Post-Graduate Work Permit. Government of Canada, Eligibility for Post-Graduation Work Permit. 3. If you are interested in understanding possible options to apply for permanent residency status in Canada, through AINP or any of the other available pathways to immigration, you are advised to contact a certified immigration consultant or immigration lawyer. If you believe the AINP revisions affect your current study plan the International Education Department welcomes you to communicate your concerns to our advisors and representatives.

Check the application deadline and program availability.

Bow Valley College processes applications on a first come, first qualified basis. Many of our programs fill up months in advance. We recommend applying 12 months before the start date.

Please contact the International Education Department and we will provide you with information about which programs still have seat availability.

Review the general important dates and deadlines and important dates for international learners.

Before you apply online, download the Apply Alberta application guide. When you are ready, use the APAS Online Portal Application Form to apply.

Important: The primary e-mail address must be yours - the applicant.  There is a section in the application form to put additional contact information for anyone acting on behalf of the applicant.  Misrepresentation of the applicant e-mail contact information will result in significant delays in the application processing. 

If you need help, contact us at or call 403-410-3476.

Steps to apply

Explore our programs:

Remember to review the requirements for English Language proficiency. Check our Frequently Asked Questions  page for more information to consider. Get an estimate of what your tuition and fees will be depending on your program.

  • Is there seat availability in your program for your preferred start date?
  • What is the study permit submission deadline for your preferred start date?
  • Did you allow 6 to 8 weeks for your BVC application to be processed (once you submit a complete application package)?
  • Did you allow enough additional time before BVC’s study permit deadline for Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s for foreign study or visitor visas

Are you planning your start of term for the mandatory New Student Orientation and International Learner Preparation days, which take place the week before the session starts? Bow Valley programs are fast and focused, attending your orientation and learner preparation day will ensure you are ready to be successful, so you do not make mistakes that negatively impact your future.

You must submit your valid study permit to International Education no later than the study permit deadline. Plan Ahead. Give yourself lots of time to process your study permit application. If you miss this deadline, your seat will be released to a waitlist applicant. Your confirmation fee will not be refundable.

How to apply

  • Submit your application through the online portal: APAS.
  • Put your (the student’s) contact information ONLY in "Applicant Contact Information."
  • Write your own (the student's) surname(s) and given name(s) on the application form exactly as they appear in your passport.
  • Only provide your (the student's) personal email, mailing address and telephone information on the application form. This will appear on all of our documentation.

You’ll get updates by email during the application process, so make sure we have your (the student’s) email address.

Need help? Check the APAS International Student Application Guide.

Your application will not be processed until you pay the $130 CAD application fee for each program. You can pay by credit card after you complete the application. If you do not have a credit card, you can choose "Pay Later." If you choose this option, make sure you provide your Alberta Student Number or a copy of your application when you make the payment. Learn more about payment options.

After you apply, you will receive the International Student Enrolment Checklist.

If you are applying for our Academic Upgrading, Certificate or Diploma programs, you must submit your proof of admission requirements (academic transcripts and proof of English language proficiency) along with your application form. Make sure you know if there are other requirements for the program you are applying to. Documents must be emailed to (please include your Alberta Student Number - ASN in the subject line so we can locate your application).

This includes:

  • Proof of English Language Proficiency. If you are submitting TOEFL or IELTS as proof of English Language Proficiency, you are required to submit copy of the official hard copy test results. If you are in Calgary, you can register now to take your IELTS test at Bow Valley College. You can also enroll in our International English Language Learning program to get conditional acceptance into some of our programs.
  • Copies of your official transcripts with translations from your high school study. If you don't meet the academic requirements of our programs you can always register for our Academic Upgrading program to help you meet the requirements. If you are outside of Canada and waiting for your study permit, we suggest using our online academic upgrading to complete the courses you need.
  • Conditional acceptance: If you plan to study English Language Learning or Academic Upgrading, and then go on to complete a career program at Bow Valley College, you may be eligible for early conditional admissions. Check out our website to find out more and apply.
  • Processing timeline: The application process takes approximately four to six weeks from the time a complete application (including all requested transcripts and supporting documents) is received. If you’re applying for the International ELL program, the application process only takes two to three business days.

Do you need to use a person or agency to contact Bow Valley College about your application or admission? You'll have to complete and sign the Consent to Release Information Form first. This gives us permission to share information about your application. Add their contact information to the "Applying for someone else?" section of the APAS application form.

After you apply

Once we confirm you meet all requirements, you’ll get an email with an Offer of Admission.

If you’re not accepted, we’ll let you know via email. The email will include information about any admission requirements you're missing.

You'll also receive an email with your MyBVC account information. Log in and check it often, because the college uses it to send important information. You can also use MyBVC to make online payments, review account statements, and see course information.

Your Offer of Admission will be valid for approximately 3 weeks. To reserve your place in the program, you’ll need to pay the $1500 confirmation fee. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Or you can pay the first term of tuition and fees within approximately 3 weeks. The $1500 fee is part of your tuition and fees for the first term.

We accept payment by:

  • wire transfer (bank)
  • cash (in person only)
  • debit card (in person only)
  • Visa or MasterCard (by phone at 403-410-1400 or in person)

Make sure you provide your name and BVC student ID (or Alberta Student Number) with your payment. Read more about payment options.

You'll receive an electronic copy of your Letter of Acceptance and a receipt for the confirmation fee payment. This means you have a reserved place in the program.

You can request a hard copy of the original Letter of Acceptance and a receipt of payment. We will mail it to the address on your application if you request it.

Please keep a copy of the Letter of Acceptance for your reference.

Now it’s time to get your Canadian Study Permit. Submit your Letter of Acceptance and receipt of payment as part of your application. You can apply for your permit at the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

Please check the Canadian study or visitor permit processing timelines first to avoid delays.

Bow Valley College's DLI# is O19273769422. (The first character is the letter “O” followed by 11 numbers: O 192 737 694 22).

Our programs are all Designated Learning programs and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.

When you apply, make sure you provide our DLI number along with the Letter of Acceptance. See the list of Designated Learning Institutions.

Important note: Most Bow Valley College Certificate and Diploma programs include an unpaid practicum. You may need to apply for a co-op work permit when you apply for a study permit. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website has information about visa applications and processing times.

What do you do after you get your study permit? Contact the International Education Department and email a copy of your permit to This confirms you're ready to join the program.

Orientation sessions are held the week before classes start. Visit the New Student Orientation page and the International Learner Preparation Day page to learn more.

Learners requiring academic accommodations must contact the Learner Success Services at least four months prior to the commencement of their scheduled classes at Bow Valley College to establish an academic accommodation plan. Reasonable effort will be made to provide suitable academic accommodation; however, there is no guarantee that services will be available and it is possible that start dates may have to be deferred in order to provide required accommodation. While the College will attempt to facilitate all learner requests for accommodation, there is a current shortage of sign language interpreters.

What happens if you can't attend the first day of class? You must inform the International Education Department in writing before the program start date. If you don't provide written communication, you can't get a full refund or deferral.

Read more about our policies on refunds, visa refusals, and deferrals.

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