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How to apply

Can I book an appointment with someone to discuss program requirements?

The Welcome Centre sees students on a drop-in basis with no appointment is needed.
International students (attending the college on a study permit) should contact the International Education office.

What is the deadline to apply to a program at Bow Valley College?

Application open dates
Many programs fill up very quickly, so we recommend applying as early as possible once applications open.

Application close dates
Applications for individual programs close once the program and wait-list have reached capacity. For program application close dates, please check the appropriate application instructions page:

To find out if a program is wait-listed, please contact the Welcome Centre. International students should check the Application Deadline section of the International Application page.

I want to apply to Bow Valley College. How do I do that?

For information about the application process or to start an application, please refer to the appropriate applications instructions page:


How much does it cost to apply?

Each application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $75 for domestic applicants or $140 for international applicants.

If you are accepted into a post-secondary program, a non-refundable confirmation deposit of $200 for domestic applicants or $1,500 for international applicants is required by the deadline indicated in the acceptance package in order to secure a place in the program.


How can I submit my transcripts?

Check the appropriate applications instructions page for information on how to submit transcripts:

You are required to provide transcripts from each and every post-secondary institution you have attended, including those you are currently attending, even if you have not completed a program with them.

Admission requirements

If I have international or out-of-province transcripts, how can I determine if I meet the Admission Requirements?

Transcripts are assessed by an Admissions Officer only after you apply to the program. International courses are assessed for equivalencies using the same criteria as International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS). A separate IQAS assessment is not necessary.

I have already completed some post-secondary education. Will my post-secondary grades be considered?

Yes. Applications are assessed based on whether or not they meet the Admission Requirements. Post-secondary courses that are assessed as equivalent or more advanced than high school courses will be considered. For example, if a high school English grade does not meet the admission requirements, a university-level English grade may be considered.

I am still completing the courses that I need in order to meet the Admission Requirements for a post-secondary program. Can I still apply?

Yes. Bow Valley College's admission process is first-applied, first-qualified, so the date of application is considered. The Admissions Officer will request to see proof of enrolment in required courses, including the course completion dates. Final grades that meet the entrance requirements must be submitted by the deadline outlined in the conditional acceptance letter to confirm acceptance into the program.

Will you accept the entrance test that I took at another college?

No, we do not accept entrance tests from other institutions. We only accept the Bow Valley College Admissions Test.


I applied last year to a program but did not attend. Can I use that application again?

Each application is specific to the program and term applied to, so you will need to submit a new application and pay the application fee.

Who can I contact if I require assistance with my application?

Please contact the Welcome Centre.

Admissions and waitlist

I applied to a program. How can I check on the status of my application?

Applications are processed on a first qualified, first accepted basis. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to hear back from the Admissions Officer after you have submitted your application and required documents (i.e. transcripts, English proficiency test results). If you have not received a response to your application after 6 weeks, please email

Please note the Practical Nurse Diploma program applicants will not hear back on their eligibility until after the document submission deadline

Is there a chance I can get into a program if I am on the waitlist?

Yes. If a program or a course is full, qualified applicants are automatically placed on the program or course waitlist. The waitlist is determined by date of acceptance, so early application is advised. Please regularly check the email address you used when you applied. Please be aware that cancellations may result in short notice for acceptance into a program, therefore funding applications should be submitted early, if applicable.


What is a waitlist, and what is the reason for making a waitlist?

A waitlist is a holding list for qualified applicants when a program reaches capacity (becomes full). Even after a program reaches capacity, space often becomes available as accepted students change their minds, move away, or fail to meet the conditions of their admission. When this happens, the next qualified student on the waitlist is offered a seat in the program.


I am on a waitlist for my preferred start date. Will my application automatically move to the next start date?

No. You will have to submit a new application and a new application fee.


I have decided not to attend this term. Can I defer to another term?

No, we generally do not offer deferrals. You will have to re-apply for the next intake, submit a new application, and pay the application fee.


My transcripts were not sent in on time for the intake I applied for. Do I need to re-apply for the next intake?

Yes. If you did not submit the requested documents on time, you will need to re-apply for the next intake. Admissions officers cannot grant admission to a student who has not provided all of the required documentation.


I have foreign credentials. What are my options? Do my credentials correlate to any programs at Bow Valley College?

Applicants educated outside of Canada and applying to Bow Valley College for full-time post-secondary programs will be required to submit copies of their original academic documents that have been translated into English; these will be reviewed for admission purposes. Currently we do not have any agreements with international qualifications. Applicants should also meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements for each program. International students should visit the Bow Valley College International Application page to apply to a program.

Transfer credit

If I have completed courses at another post-secondary institution, how can I apply for transfer credit?

See the Transfer Credit page for more information. You must be accepted to a program at the college before a transfer credit officer will assess your file.


I have completed a course at Bow Valley College. Can I get transfer credit towards another program?

To determine whether or not you qualify for transfer credit, you must complete the Transfer Credit request form. See the Transfer Credit page for more information.


What's the difference between a part-time and full-time student?

A part-time student is one taking less than a 60 per cent course load. Tuition and fees are calculated based on individual courses. Find out more on the Full-Time Course Credits page.

Financial aid and awards

How can I access financial aid?
Financial Aid Information Sessions are held regularly at the downtown Calgary Campus.

Scholarships and Awards details are available on the Student Awards page.

Prospective student contact information

Welcome Centre
South Campus (First Floor)
345 6 Avenue SE, Calgary AB, T2G 4V1
Phone: 403-410-1402 or 866-428-2669
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