Mature and home-schooled learners seeking an alternate admission pathway may submit a letter of intent in partial fulfilment of their academic admission requirements. A letter of intent must be a strict maximum of 600 words, authored by the applicant, briefly discussing:

  1. why they are interested in their chosen program of study at Bow Valley College;
  2. how their chosen program of study may benefit them with their desired career or after-college plans; and
  3. approaches the applicant will take to ensure success in their studies if admitted to Bow Valley College.

Applicants may submit this letter of intent to the Office of the Registrar by email, lettermail, or in person only after submitting their application for admission. Letters must be in English, typewritten, and should include the applicant’s name, Bow Valley College student number, and program of study. Each letter of intent is individually evaluated by the manager responsible for admissions on a rubric measuring the applicant’s academic, linguistic, and personal preparedness for college-level studies.

For applicants with a learning disability or health accommodation, a 30-minute interview with the manager of admissions (or designate) may be accommodated in lieu of a written letter, using the same topics and rubric as above.

Although Bow Valley College offers this alternative pathway for admission, mature and home-schooled learners are cautioned that subsequent post-secondary institutions may require successful completion of standard high school courses in order to qualify for admission.

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