As a publicly funded institution, Bow Valley College is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, Alberta. The FOIP Act allows any person the right to access records in the custody or under the control of Bow Valley College, subject to limited and specific exceptions. It also governs how Bow Valley College collects, uses, and discloses personal information.

Making an Access to Information Request

Follow these steps to request access to a record or personal information under the custody or control of Bow Valley College:

  1.        Contact the College department or office that you believe holds the record(s) you seek to access to determine if the records can be disclosed routinely through regular procedures. Most records are available through an informal process. Records that contain confidential or third-party personal information are subject to exemptions under the Act and are not disclosed routinely.
  2.       If the records cannot be disclosed routinely, submit a completed and signed Access Information Request form with the  required $25 application fee if you are not requesting your personal information. Typically, there is no fee for accessing your personal information. You will be notified if you must pay a fee for accessing your personal information. Clearly identify the specific record(s) or personal information you wish to access. Also, specify dates or periods for the record(s)/personal information you request.
  3.        Mail the completed and signed form (and fee, if applicable) to the Access and Privacy Officer (address below). Make your cheque or money order payable to Bow Valley College. Requests received by e-mail will not be processed until receipt of the application fee. Records will be provided to you when all required fees are paid.
  4.         In accordance with the FOIP Act, the College will decide on access within thirty (30) days. The time limit may be extended under reasonable circumstances as outlined in section 14 of the Act. When your request is received, the College will send you an acknowledgment letter and may notify you of any time extensions or fees that may apply.
  5.       Records to which exemptions apply may be withheld entirely or severed. The decision letter will list the exemptions applied and applicable sections of the FOIP Act.
  6.       If you are not satisfied with the College's access decision, you have thirty days from the date on the College's decision letter to request a review by the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner, Alberta.

Mailing Address and Contact Information
Access and Privacy Officer
345 – 6th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 4V1

Telephone: (403) 476 - 2201


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