Bow Valley College respects the copyright of creators and their rights in the Copyright Act. The Copyright Office provides information and guidance for the College, on copyright issues. You can contact us for resources and training. See the links below for more information.

Copyright Evaluator

You can use the Copyright Evaluator to apply the Fair Dealing Guidelines. Also to submit requests to the Copyright Office.

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Introduction to Copyright

Copyright protects the form in which literary, artistic, musical, and dramatic works are expressed.

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Fair Dealing Guidelines

Fair dealing is a user’s right in copyright law. It allows you to copy other people’s works for research, private study, education, satire, parody, criticism, review or news reporting.

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Copyright for Faculty

Copyright guides and resources for faculty and staff are available for your use. If you have more questions please contact the Copyright Office.

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Copyright for Students

Students are both creators and users of copyrighted materials. Students are to follow copyright law. Guides and tools are available for your use.

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Copyright Resources

We have many copyright resources to help you learn more about copyright.

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Finding Teaching Resources

We have gathered together websites to help you find materials for your courses.

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Copyright FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about copyright but were afraid to ask! The questions below provide you with general information about copyright and how it affects your work within the College.

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Contact us

Copyright Services

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