Introducing Pivot-Ed

Bow Valley College is re-imaging adult education with the Pivot-Ed ecosystem. This initiative responds to workforce disruption in a way that supports both employers and employees. Pivot-Ed will give employees a portfolio of skills and competencies that help them pivot in their career and meet Canada’s future workforce needs.  

Professional development content is everywhere, but the problem is finding a way to assess and recognize what is learned. With Pivot-Ed we can assess skills, regardless of how they were acquired, and then recognize them with a Bow Valley College micro-credential. Pivot-Ed validates the learning process in an accessible, and meaningful way for employees. Pivot-Ed also helps employers to hire and retain the right talent, and reduces the cost of ongoing training.

As we create the Pivot-Ed ecosystem we know that collaboration will be the key to success. Bow Valley College provides the value of our expertise in assessment, and the legitimacy of a recognized credential. We are working with companies and thought leaders to apply technology solutions such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual and augmented reality, to advance the Pivot-Ed model. 

The Pivot-Ed ecosystem is a collaborative environment, where both industry and individuals will benefit. We Make All Learning Count.

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School of Continuing Learning
North Campus, Third Floor
332 - 6 Avenue SE 

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