A BVC Ed-tech venture

Bow Valley College is re-imaging adult education with it’s Pivot-Ed venture, responding to workforce disruption in a way that supports both employers and employees.



What is Pivot-Ed?

Pivot-Ed is a BVC Venture that optimizes human potential. It builds on the College’s pioneering work with scalable assessments and micro-credentials. Pivot-Ed leverages artificial Intelligence (AI) to help individuals viably demonstrate their competencies for a role, recommends learning for identified gaps and certifies the results with a recognized micro-credential.

This allows individuals to find employment, progress to another role or transition to a new career. It also allows corporations to enable people to excel in their roles, thereby driving increased value for their employees and customer.

Through these efforts, Pivot-Ed meets the needs of a rapidly changing workforce, and drives social and economic prosperity.

It also fulfills Bow Valley College’s vison to make all learning count.

Working with organization across sectors such as banking, energy, technology, as well as federal government we are supporting Canadians and Canadian organizations position themselves for the future of work.


Want to find out how Pivot-Ed can help your organization excel


Contact: pivoted@bowvalleycollege.ca

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