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We have many copyright resources to help you learn more about copyright.

Introduction to copyright

Please see our page on Introduction to Copyright for an overview on copyright.

Bow Valley College copyright policy and procedures

Our Copyright Policy and Procedures provide the guidelines for faculty, staff and students. They help the College maintain its due diligence to respecting copyright. The Copyright Office is available for consultation, guidance, and training. It provides help in interpreting and following the policy, procedures and guidelines.

Fair Dealing guidelines

Fair dealing is an exception in the Copyright Act. It provides user rights to use works without asking for copyright permission. Here are some resources to help you decide if the work you want to use falls within the Fair Dealing Exception.  


Canadian Copyright Resources

The following links will connect you with Canadian copyright resources.

Supreme Court of Canada Decisions

International Copyright Resources

Copyright Blogs

These blog sites express their opinions on copyright and other issues. They may not reflect Bow Valley College's position on copyright.

  • Ariel Katz — associate professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
  • Copyright Laws — copyright resource site by Lesley Ellen Harris, copyright lawyer
  • Excess Copyright — by Howard Knopff, copyright lawyer, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Michael Geist — law professor at the University of Ottawa

Copyright videos

  • A Fair (y) Use Tale — Professor Eric Faden, a description of the U.S. Copyright clause "Fair Use" using clips from Disney Films (similar to Canadian "Fair Dealing" clause until about the seven minute mark of the film)
  • Acceptable/Unacceptable — Office of the Dean of Students at the University of Alberta
  • Cheating — Office of the Dean of Students at the University of Alberta
  • Plagiarism Rap (Cite your sources) — Office of the Dean of Students at the University of Alberta
  • Wanna work together — Creative Commons
  • What is a Copyright — Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • YouTube Copyright School — Based on U.S. Copyright law that applies to videos being uploaded to YouTube.

Copyright news/stories

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