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Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Support Options

Bow Valley College is committed to creating a space that does not have sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Bow Valley College knows that sexual harassment and sexual assault can happen to any student. Bow Valley College knows that accessing supports is a choice that each student can make. Below are some supports a student may choose to use.

Click on the following links for definitions and examples of each offense.

Sexual Harassment              Sexual Assault   

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are types of sexual violence.

View the Bow Valley College Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure.

Support Options

If you are concerned about an employee or if you are an employee who experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault, please contact a Bow Valley College Human Resource Business Partner 403-410-1600.  

Choose the one of the following to view available support options.

Experienced or witnessed sexual violence        Responding to allegations of sexual violence

*An allegation means that someone says you did something wrong, but it has yet to be proven.


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