What is an ebook?

An electronic book, or ebook, is a book-length publication available in digital form and designed to be read on computers or other electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers, and smartphones.

There are many advantages to using ebooks available through the library:

  • Ebooks can be accessed from anywhere and at any time by logging into the library's electronic resources using your library login information
  • Ebooks can be downloaded and read from mobile devices that you can carry with you and access at your convenience
  • There are no overdue charges for using ebooks; if you borrow an ebook by downloading it onto an electronic device, it will be automatically returned by deleting itself from the device
  • Many ebooks, such as those available through the library EBSCO ebook collection, allow you to:
    • Search inside the contents to easily locate particular information or quotations
    • Print and save up to 60 pages of an e-book
    • Make notes
    • Bookmark a page
    • Highlight text
How to find and access ebooks on the Library Website

There are two ways you can find and access ebooks from the home page of the library website:

  1. Click on the ebooks link under Find Resources. This will take you directly to the ebook collection screen.
  2. Use the Search box at the top of the page to find ebooks or select a category under Browse by Category.

Use the library catalogue on the home page of the website. Type your search term(s) in the search box and click Search.

Search Box

After clicking Search, a result list that corresponds to your search word(s) will be retrieved. Click eBooks under the What type of source? limiter, then click the Online access link that appears underneath the title of the ebook you want to read. To open the ebook, click on one of the Full text available at links displayed.

Ebooks Filter

Click here to learn how to download and place a hold on EBSCO ebooks.

Please note that if you are not in the library, you will need to log in using your library account username and password.

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