Registering for the WES at BVC Training Program


Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Training Program will not be offered for the 2020 Spring term (May - June) 

Click here for Bow Valley College’s Response to COVID-19.


IMPORTANT: If you have NOT written the TOWES exam you are NOT eligible to take this course and your registration will be removed.

Have you already written the TOWES exam and received your results? Do you need to take WES at BVC training?
The WES at BVC training courses are only offered to students who did not meet the required benchmarks for their program of study from their first TOWES exam writing. The courses are offered in different formats and schedules each term. You can choose the specific section of the course that fits your availability and preferences.

  • Register for the training by using the self-registration feature in your MyBVC account. Search for course code ESSK9901.*

* NOTE: If you are unable to register using the self-registration feature in your MyBVC account, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

WES at BVC Training Course Schedule

A schedule will be posted once the training courses resume. 

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