Exam Supervision Fees

Our flat rate exam supervision fee starts at $80 per exam (some prices may vary). 

Exam bundle packages are also available for purchase. Contact us to confirm pricing for your exam or to determine package eligibility. Fees are paid when you arrive for your exam.  

Debit or credit card payment are accepted at our office. Cash payments are not accepted. 

Shipping Fees

If you're writing a paper exam, we'll need to courier it back to your institution. Your exam provider will confirm the process for handling completed materials.  We recommend you contact your institution in advance to verify the required steps.

Courier Rates

We're happy to look after returning your completed test to your exam provider.  The following courier rates will apply:Multiple exams, written on the same day, for the same exam provider, will only be charged the courier fee once.

Pre-Paid Courier Rates

You are also welcome to arrange your own shipping.  We will return your completed materials in a pre-paid postage envelope.  Just drop off a return envelope with the correct mailing address and appropriate pre-paid postage and we'll look after the rest.  No charge.

Cancellation Fees

There is no cost to cancel or reschedule, as long as you do so at least 48 hours before your appointment.  Fees may apply to appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance.

Private Room Fees

Private room exam supervision fees start at $255 per exam (some prices may vary). Group rates are also available. Contact us to book or confirm pricing. 


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