English language assessments

If you’re new to Canada, chances are, you’ll have to write an English language test.  We offer recognized tests of English language skills for immigration, employment and education. Click here to see our English assessments.

GED - High School Equivalency

Open doors to new opportunities by achieving your High School Equivalency Diploma in Alberta. The GED tests are one pathway to get you there.  Click here to learn more about GED.

Workplace skills and recruitment

Employers want proof that you can do the job. We can verify you have the skills needed.  From software proficiency to workplace communication skills, let us prove you're ready.  Click here to view exams available at our Centre or contact our office for more information.

Academic admissions and exam supervision

We assist learners from Canada and around the world. We provide admissions testing and exam supervision to ensure you achieve your academic goals.  Click here to view exams available at our Centre or contact our office for more information.

Information technology and software

Looking to grow your IT career? Certifying your technical expertise will help you to advance.  Check out our list of in-demand professional IT certification exams available at our Centre.

Professional licensure

We’re trusted by industry to assess your skills for professional practice.  View a list of current licensure exams or contact us to find out how to get certified at our Centre.

Authorized assessment services

If you’re looking for convenience, we’ve got it.  We’ve partnered with test providers from around the world to offer what you need…right here in downtown Calgary. Click here to see a list of our Centre's exam providers.

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