Funding Agency

State Ministry of Finance of China

Vocational Education Leadership Training Program - 2012 and 2015

The goal of the VELT program was to coordinate with China's National Demonstrative Higher College and Institute Project (NDHVCP) in order to learn and assimilate post-secondary vocational and technical education (PSVTE) experiences from other countries. The NDHVCP aims to support the top Chinese colleges by upgrading their physical facilities, quality of teachers and teaching environment, institutional management, and external and internal efficiency.

Bow Valley College hosted a group of 7 delegates from Chinese institutions on a study tour to learn about the Canadian college system. Our program highlighted internal policies and procedures of the various departments as well as innovative approaches to leadership which began in the spring of 2005. BVC was pleased to welcome external speakers from the Government of Alberta, the municipal government, and economic development agencies to provide background information on the role of post-secondary education within Alberta related to economic development as well as the quality assurance measures in place for academic programming. The Chinese delegates also visited other post-secondary institutions to demonstrate the unique value brought to post-secondary education through a Campus Alberta approach.

Description of Actual Services Provided and Results Achieved (Presentations/Workshops):

  • History and development of technical and vocational education and training at BVC.
  • System of post-secondary education in Alberta including government representatives.
  • BVC’s commitment to community and engagement of industry and regional campuses. This included an analysis of BVC's hub and spoke model for its various regional campuses, and how they make responsive community programming.
  • Leadership, administration, management, and decision-making processes at BVC including strategic planning, organizational structure, human resource management, teaching staff employment, and training and evaluation.
  • Development of education and training modules, academic management and quality control, program and curriculum development, co-op education and training with business and industry, students’ practice and practicum, marking and grading system and certification, and transfer systems.
  • Support services provided to students.
  • International cooperation and exploration of possibilities between BVC and the Chinese institutions participating in the program.
  • BVC linkages with employers and community stakeholders. 

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