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The Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development).

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BVC supported the Cameroonian Collège Bullier de Sa’a (CB) in the creation of a training program that benefited local entrepreneurs, and was contextualized to the local community needs in rural Cameroon.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
In this project, the Institut de Technologie Agroalimentaire (ITA) was responsible for the technical training of trainers, development of technical skills program and the establishment of a local-processing mini-center. BVC participated in the program development to ensure the integration of entrepreneurial skills at all stages of technical training. Instead of limiting the entrepreneurial skills to course content (Management of SMEs), students were immersed in an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the whole course.

Description of Results Achieved:
- Fifteen teachers trained in curriculum development, integration of entrepreneurial competencies, workplace situational analysis in Bafoussam, Nkongsamba and Douala.
- CB teachers delivered workshops adapted to the needs of various Cameroonian communities.
- Conceptualization and validation of a study program by Cameroonian implementation team
- Local educational centers provided training modules on the transformation of local products that they can integrate into their training.
- Three modules and one reference manual produced – (1) Transformation of fruits, (2) vinegar production, (3) marinades and relish (i.e. chutney), and (4) charcuterie/meat delicacies.
- CB students, local men and women, and women’s groups receive training in the transformation of local products
- CB graduates launched micro-enterprises related to the transformation of local products
- By boosting local agricultural production, imported products were reduced.

- Poverty levels reduced through the participation in this program. 

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