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The Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development).

Toolkit for Change - Building Scope

This project provided partners with the tools needed to create a cohesive TVET system able to meet the requirements of those currently denied access to formal vocational training (those who lack the technical, essential, business and self-employability skills to achieve sustainable livelihood). One of Ghana’s most pressing development challenges was the urgent need to improve access to quality vocational training aimed at improving and modernizing the informal sector through the enhancement of participant skill levels. This meant identifying and addressing the specific requirements of SME operators and providing more appropriate training interventions focused on developing technical, entrepreneurship, essential and employability skills.

Based on these needs, BVC proposed the development of a “toolkit for change”, a collection of processes, methodologies, and resources to construct a new demand-driven model for training informal sector workers.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
- Methodologies for conducting occupational analysis;
- Techniques for developing CBET and delivering client-driven experiential learning;
- Relevant and appropriate assessment mechanisms; innovative data management strategies.

Description of Results Achieved:
- 15 informal sector jobs surveyed;
- 18 Ghanaian DACUM facilitators trained;
- Validated DACUM charts created for over 10 occupations including essential skill outcomes;
- 50 instructors and industry personnel trained in CBET development;
- 60 instructors trained in essential skills;
- 46 instructors trained in literacy interventions, learner needs assessments, and numeracy activities;
- CBET framework created for GES including entrepreneurial and essential skill outcomes;
- Auto body curriculum revised using CBET framework and piloted;
- A new ICT program created and piloted using CBET framework. 

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