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The World Bank

Technical Assistance to Develop Regional and Country Adult Training Centres

In the spring of 1999, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan, formerly ACCC) was the successful bidder for the provision of technical assistance to develop Regional Adult Training Centres (RATCs) in six locations across Romania. BVC played a supporting role as an international specialist in the General Education component of the project.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
The overall components of this project were delivered over a five year period where RATCs were established to provide comprehensive, community-based training services that are responsive to local labour market needs with supplementary services being provided. It introduced a flexible and comprehensive training system based upon labour market needs or skill based as opposed to the traditional training paradigm in Romania of group and time-based fashion. Training programs and services that are competency-based and developed in full cooperation with business and industry, more accurately reflect the present and future training requirements of individuals, companies and to the attainment of the Romania's National Social and Economic Development Agenda.

BVC provided expertise in developing an Employability Skills modular curriculum appropriate to the needs of the RATCs’ students and to the workplace. The instructional program at Bow Valley College based on the “Adult Skills Alberta Working Learning Living” and “The Alberta Framework of Essential Competencies for Working, Learning and Living” was utilized as the model in the development of the General Education (Employability Skills) Program.

Description of Results Achieved:
The General Education Component was based on the various needs assessment completed within the areas to be served by the five RATCs. It was assessed that trainees required upgrading in basic, skills related mathematics, science, foreign language and employability skills training in order to ensure they successfully complete their program studies at the RATC and subsequently secure and maintain good employment opportunities. As a result, four General Education programs comprising of Mathematics, Science, English for the Work Place, and Employability Skills were developed. Another important aspect of the General Education component is the teaching of Employability Skills or those skills most sought after by employers.

Additionally, a modular curriculum for General Sciences encompassing topics on Chemistry, Physics, and Biology along with a customised RATC General Science Resource Manual was created as a companion learning material for the modules previously developed. 

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