Funding Agency

The Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development).

Skill Links to Self-Employment

The project increased revenue-generating opportunities in Namibia for unemployed youth (15-35-year-old) and women through improved community-based technical, entrepreneurial and essential skills training leading to sustainable small and medium-sized enterprises development. This initiative enabled the Community Skills Development Centers’ (COSDEC) system to implement competency and demand-driven vocational training models that links community skills development to the identified requirements of the SME sector. The project introduced a "Linkage Model", a vocational training delivery methodology to address technical, business, and workplace essential skills (WES) in Namibia. The model addressed entrepreneurship training as an integrated exercise in critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and design.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
- Curriculum development/delivery and program assessment training sessions
- Project management training workshops
- Market research activities
- Staff training sessions
- Personnel exchange between Canada and Namibia
- Internships
- Training-the-trainers activities
- Development of training video
- Mentoring

Description of Results Achieved:
- Improved abilities to develop/deliver/assess integrated, competency-based education training entrepreneurship curricula addressing identified SME skills requirements
- Improved understanding of gender barriers in the SME sector and develop appropriate programming
- Integrated entrepreneurial training model
- Improved professional development for community trainers
- Enhance ability to conduct train the trainer activities
- Deliver programs more responsive to SME sector/ community needs, especially for youth and women
- Offer more support for women in SME sector
- Accreditation of training activities 

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