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Eni Oil - Lybia

Provision of Oil and Gas Contracts Training

In the fourth quarter of 2007, representatives of Eni Oil Libya approached Bow Valley College regarding the possibility of entering into a partnership to provide training in Libya, catering to the oil and gas industry and the growing hospitality industry. Eni initiated this in response to their observations of both the need for training and the lack of reputable organizations in Libya providing such training due to their own extensive experience in the area of providing training in Libya to the oil and gas sector. In the second quarter of 2008, and again in the third quarter, representatives of Bow Valley College visited Libya to assess the market and the feasibility of conducting contract training in Libya.

Description of Actual Services Provided and Results Achieved (Presentations/Workshops):

After following through with market research, risk assessments, conducting interviews and examining facilities, it was determined the following program content for 4 Eni Oil Libya Executives coming to Bow Valley College for Contract Management Training:

  • Definitions of Contract Terms
  • Service Company Pre-Qualifications
  • Developing a Request for Proposal
  • Preparing a Proposal
  • Evaluating the Bid Proposals
  • Contract Structure/Formats
  • Types of Contracts
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Negotiation

The course focused on establishing and administering the requirements at each of the steps listed above. Course delivery was fully interactive and participants were exposed to realistic exercises and examples ensuring maximum information relevance and retention. 

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