Funding Agency

The Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, and before that, the Canadian International Development Agency).

Entrepreneurial Skills Promotion

The goal of this project was to improve and expand entrepreneurial and workforce skills training, enabling disadvantaged and marginalized learners in Zimbabwe to secure income and sustainable employment in marketplaces characterized by high unemployment. The specific aim of this project was to enable Mupfure Self-Help College to strengthen their vocational/production training models for entrepreneurial and workforce essential skills development and to facilitate cooperative design and exchange of curricula and methodologies between the two developing country partner colleges.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
  • Technical assistance and training in Zimbabwe on entrepreneurial curriculum and training models, including the establishment of advisory committees
  • Training in Canada through three sessions of four weeks each (12 trainees total) on the following topics: DACUM, instructional design, gender employment issues, entrepreneurial resources and entrepreneurial curriculum development frameworks, workforce literacy training and needs assessments, employability skills
  • Technical assistance in Zimbabwe to assist in the following areas: evaluation training and train-the-trainer workshops
  • Adaptation of models and approaches used at Bow Valley College for entrepreneurial competency-based curricula
  • Workforce literacy and employability skills training
  • Procurement of computer equipment and materials for Mupfure Self-Help College
  • Development education activities for college staff, faculty and students and student exchanges organized between Canada and Zimbabwe
Description of Results Achieved:
  • Improved curriculum development, delivery and evaluation skills
  • Increased skills: workforce literacy needs assessment, and design and delivery of workforce literacy training
  • Increased awareness and addressing of employment-related gender issues
  • Reforms in the development, delivery and evaluation of curriculum
  • Stronger links with industry and community
  • Introduction of workforce literacy programs and needs assessments delivered on and off campus 

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