Hub for Social Enterprise

Through a donation from the private sector, BVC’s Chiu School of Business launched the Repsol Hub for Social Enterprise in September 2014. The Hub is now a well-established initiative that highlights community-based social entrepreneurship through the Venture Quest Business Idea Competition as well as a variety of social enterprise and innovation-themed programming on campus. The Hub offers a variety of opportunities for BVC learners who are entrepreneurs and innovators in the making, providing experiences through inclusive programs and activities that support and encourage creative and collective impact in the community.

Education for Employment - Entrepreneurial Skill Development within TVET in Mozambique

The overall goal of the project was to support the socio-economic development of Mozambique by contributing to the development of entrepreneurial competencies of staff and students of TVET institutions in the provinces of Pemba and Maputo. Bow Valley College developed two entrepreneurship curriculums reflective of the distinct audiences, CBT principles, and the local industry.

Skill Links to Self-Employment in Namibia

The project produced a "Linkage Model", a vocational training delivery methodology to address technical, business, and workplace essential skills (WES) in Namibia. The model addressed entrepreneurship training as an integrated exercise in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. The project increased revenue generating opportunities for unemployed youth and women through improved community-based technical, entrepreneurial and essential skills training leading to sustainable small and medium-size enterprise (SME) development.

Improving Skills Training for Employment Program (ISTEP) - Model Teacher Training Program in Tanzania

BVC is currently partnered with Morogoro Vocational Teacher Training College, a Vocational Education Training Authority college in Morogoro, Tanzania, and Nova Scotia Community College (Nova Scotia, Canada) to develop a teacher-training program designed to prepare technical and vocational teachers to deliver competency-based vocational training in Tanzania. The curriculum developed will include modules addressing entrepreneurship, the environment, and gender in TVET delivery.

Entrepreneurial Skills Promotion in Zimbabwe:

The goal of this project was to improve and expand entrepreneurial and workforce skills training, enabling disadvantaged and marginalized learners in Zimbabwe to secure income and sustainable employment in marketplaces characterized by high unemployment.

Caribbean Education for Employment Program - Youth Skills Development Programme (YSD)

The Youth Skills Development Programme (YSD) in Saint Vicentine and the Grenadines (SVG) and Dominica (ongoing) was designed to prepare 15 – 29-year-old participants who are not in school and not employed for further education and training. The program uses applied learning strategies to develop essential employability skills, vocational skills, and academic skills. The program will achieve the outcome of providing enhanced economic opportunities for disadvantaged groups (youth and women) in SVG and Dominica through the delivery of high-quality training, and overall improvement of the reach, quality and sustainability of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programming coordinated by National Training Agencies in the Caribbean region.

BVC just delivered (in October) two workshops in both countries that focused on ‘Career Guidance and Student Counselling’. This is important because career development has become increasingly important to youth and adults who are preparing to work in a society which is typified by changing technology, job distribution, economic outlook, and employer requirements and expectations.

TOWES - Essential Skills Training

TOWES is the Test of Workplace Essential Skills that has been developed at Bow Valley College. TOWES has been psychometrically tested across Canada and is based on a sound foundation of research and testing. Over 120,000 people have written TOWES and it is currently being uses at over 50 different colleges and in over a dozen companies to test and train workers. TOWES is significantly different from other skills assessments. Clients use information imbedded inauthentic documents to solve real-world problems. Some of the types of documents used include product labels, catalogues, order forms, and schematics. The core areas are Reading Text, Document Use and Numeracy, the three skill areas that TOWES focuses on and assesses. These essential skills are needed to carry out a wide variety of everyday tasks. They are not the technical skills required by a particular job, rather they are the skills applied in daily life and in all occupations.

TOWES and BVC have helped several private and not-for-profit organizations in assessing and upgrading workplace essential skills, some of our clients include: Imperial Oil, Northern Albert Institute of Technology, Skills/Compétence Canada, Social Research & Demonstration Corporation, Suncor, Syncrude, Trucking HR Sector Council, Atlantic, and the University of Calgary.

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