Activities for international students

Getting you work-ready is one of our main goals at Bow Valley College. But we also want you to have fun in your new home. The International Students Club organizes new activities every term. They can include kayaking, bowling, pub nights, and karaoke. We even do day trips to Banff, Drumheller, and other places in Alberta. Follow us on Facebook and check your MyBVC email for updates.

International Students Club

Join the International Students Club for a chance to:

  • apply for awards and scholarships.
  • get stronger leadership skills.
  • get a richer multicultural experience.
  • help the school's community.
  • practice your networking skills.
  • plan social events.
  • learn about the Canadian workplace and get references for future job applications.
  • help other international students adjust to life in Calgary and college.
  • have fun!

To join the International Students Club, you must be:

  • an international student (temporary resident).
  • in a full-time program at Bow Valley College (International ELL, certificate or diploma program).
Want to help? Apply now!

The International Students Club is always looking for new executive members. The executive team plans and organizes activities. They also ensure the active status of the club. You'll have a chance to bring forward your ideas and make them happen. The end goal is to help integrate international students into the community. Why?

As an executive member, you will:

  • improve your leadership skills
  • get volunteer experience
  • expand your social network
  • build your resume
How to apply

Fill out the application form and email the president of the international students club here. A committee reviews all applications. If your application gets approved, we'll contact you at your MyBVC email account.

International Learner Advisors




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South Campus Building

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