International Mobility Awards

Do you qualify for one of the International Mobility Awards of $1000 to $2000? You must be a current student at Bow Valley College who will take part in:

  • An international mobility program. This can be a study, practicum or work abroad. The program must be approved by the executive, your school or centre, and the International Education department.
  • An international mobility program from one of Bow Valley’s affiliated colleges or institutes. It must be approved by your dean and the International Education department.


  • An international mobility program, which you’ve researched on your own. The International Education department must review it and your Bow Valley College dean must approve it.

Get more details and find out how to apply by downloading the application form. Then complete the consent and release for use of personal image and information form. The application deadlines are in November and February every year. Check with the International Education office for exact dates.


What are the benefits?

Working or studying abroad is a big decision. Plus the costs and academic commitments can be scary at first.

Here’s why you should do it:
  • Ask anyone who has. They’ll tell you the value is profound and lasting.
  • It will have a positive impact on your worldview, self-confidence and professional aptitude.
  • You’ll gain more self-awareness, maturity, independence and acceptance of diversity.
  • You’ll get a better understanding of your own cultural values and biases.
  • You’ll come away with a more sophisticated way of looking at the world.
  • You’ll create lasting friendships. And what you learn will influence how you interact with people from different cultures forever.
  • International experience will looks great on your resume. The skills you gain will make you more attractive to employers. It will also increase your income potential.

More benefits of studying abroad

IES Study Abroad Survey

The scholarship gave me the chance to do a practicum in another country. I got to learn about another culture that I otherwise would never have done. Thank you for that. — Conny Van Heurck, ELCC 2015 Guyana Practicum

International Learner Advisors




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South Campus Building

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