Breaking down barriers: Empowering internationally educated nurses

The Path2Practice for IENs (Internationally Educated Nurses) program is designed to help nurses who were educated outside of Canada start their nursing career in Alberta. This program helps bridge your nursing qualifications and experience with what is needed to meet the healthcare standards and work requirements in Alberta.

Start:  1. Screening: once you've submitted your application, the next steps are the screening and interview. 2. Interview: our team will take a close look at your application, and then we will arrange a time for you to have an interview with us. During the interview, we want to hear about your reasons to be a nurse in Canada. We also want to discuss the areas where you feel you could improve to be a part of the nursing field here.  3. Meet with your mentor: meet with your CRIEC advisor to access employment readiness and mentorship services throughout the program. 4. English Language Learning: is your IELTS/CLB score below 6? This course develops communicative competence and exam preparation skills to help prepare you for success. You will need a minimum score to participate in the micro-credential courses: - CELBAN: Listening 9, Reading 7, Writing 6, Speaking 7 or - IELTS Academic: Listening 7, Reading 6.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7 5. Pivot-ed Canadian Context Micro-credentials: seamlessly integrate into the Canadian healthcare landscape. 6. Nursing Role Simulations Micro-credentials: clinical simulations can bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world application, refining clinical competencies crucial for quality patient care. 7. NCLEX Exam prep: not quite ready? take a prep course before the exam. 8. NCLEX Exam  Are you ready to start your journey?

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Program Eligibility Criteria

Residence Status

Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, Refugee/Protected Persons selected by IRCC, or work permit holders.

Educational Requirements

Must hold a degree equivalent to the Canadian standard.

Currency of Practice

Practiced nursing within the last 5 years.

NCLEX Certification

Although not required, participants who already hold NCLEX certification, as recognized by CRNA.

CRNA Assessment

Participants who have been assessed by CRNA and have a letter with the results of their education assessment and additional education or language requirements.

English Language Proficiency

There are two program pathways based on your English levels:

  1. English Language Learning (ELL/ICC):
    • IELTS Academic: Minimum score of 6 in all areas
    • CELBAN: Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 6, Speaking 7
  2. Pivot-Ed:
    • CELBAN: Listening 9, Reading 8, Writing 7, Speaking 8
    • IELTS Academic: Listening 7, Reading 6.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0


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CRIEC is a robust not-for-profit organization that seeks to effectively and efficiently connect newcomer professionals with strategies designed to lead to successful employment outcomes. Our specially designed initiatives have resulted in 80% of our clients finding gainful employment in their chosen fields within 3-6 months of competing our programs.


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