As part of the Skills for Success: Validation Study research project, Bow Valley College is looking for pilot partners and participants across Canada to support the validation of Skills for Success.

Why now?

As a leading provider of foundational skills training and evaluation, Bow Valley College is aware of the need to keep pace with the changing job market and ensure that job seekers and employers have the skills and resources needed to succeed.

  • Employers need resources to assess and train current and prospective workers, and employees are seeking convenient and relevant training they can do as part of their education or on-the-job learning.
  • Educators and trainers need tools to identify skills and provide targeted remedial training opportunities for their learners and clients transitioning to the workforce.
  • This project will aim to help fill the gaps in foundational skills training (focusing on Reading, Numeracy, Writing, and Digital Skills) so employers can hire with confidence, educators can provide targeted training, and employees and learners can build the skills they need for the job market and rewarding careers across sectors.
  • Partner participation and collaboration on this initiative can give Bow Valley College the feedback and insights needed to test, refine, adapt and implement the new skills model over the next several years.
  • Project findings will then be used to support the national adoption of and transition to the new Skills for Success model.

How can partners be involved?

In this stage of the project, Bow Valley College is looking to recruit partners to pilot the Skills for Success based resources being developed. More details will be shared in the coming months. Here is what potential partners should know for now: 

  • The pilot program will test a suite of modular workplace-based flexible and self-paced, asynchronous online training resources focused on skill enhancement, paired with evaluation to measure proficiencies across skills (Reading, Numeracy, Writing, and Digital).
  • Partners will lead the pilot program through participant recruitment, delivering evaluation and providing access to training to support skills development.
  • Bow Valley College will provide everything partners will need to participate, including training, supports and resources, and evaluation metrics. The project will also provide some funding to cover administration.
  • Bow Valley College is looking to recruit partners within post-secondary institutions, training providers and employers across Canada.
  • Spread the word about the project by sharing this link Skills for Success: Validation Study

To learn more: 

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