"I came to Bow Valley College because they offered a Co-op program. It is a great opportunity to get experience in the Canadian market, especially since I was changing careers. I completed two Co-op terms and got experience in different environments and I now have full-time work. I would advice students to take the Co-op program as it can open doors."

Juliana Paiva, Business Administration Diploma graduate, Human Resources Major

The optional Co-op Program offers eligible Business Administration Diploma students personalized work search support to secure a full-time paid experience in their field of study for an entire term (4 months; Fall, Winter, or Summer).

Students accepted into the Co-op Program will develop their professional skills, enhance their resume, and network with employers as a means to boost employment opportunities. Applicants accepted into the program are responsible for demonstrating a high level of professional and program expectations. Not all students accepted into the Co-op program are guaranteed a Co-op Work Term position.

What is the Application Process?

Students must apply for acceptance into the Co-op Program. Timing of the application depends upon the intended full-time work term:


Intended Co-op Work Term

Application Deadline

Summer (May to August)

November 10

Fall (September to December)

March 10

Winter (January to April)

July 10

To be eligible to apply to the Co-op program, students must:

  • Complete the Test Of Workplace Essential Skills
  • Plan to complete 30 program credits prior to their intended Co-op Work Term
  • Attain a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Achieve a minimum B grade in MGMT1201
  • Complete the application process by the required deadlines

Applications and additional information for the Co-op Program are available to registered Business Administration Diploma students via D2L under the Co-op folder in the Business Administration program. 

Work Term Placement

In the term prior to the intended Co-op Work Term, students accepted into the Co-op Program must complete the ADMN9998 Employment Preparation course alongside required Co-op activities and credit course enrollments. Career Services support Co-op students in their active work search using the skills acquired in the ADMN9998 course and Co-op activities to apply to jobs to secure a Co-op Work Term placement. The process aligns with the competitive nature of a job search and employers will interview and select the students they wish to hire.

Students who secure a Co-op Work Term will be enrolled, by the department, in the COOP9998 Co-op Work Term course wherein they will complete Co-op assignments while working full-time to earn the Co-op designation. Only students who successfully pass the COOP9998 Co-op Work Term course will be granted the Co-op designation on their Diploma parchment.

Both ADMN9998 and COOP9998 are non-credit courses that are not covered by student loans; students are encouraged to budget accordingly.


“I wanted to solidify my job prospects and to make sure that I had an opportunity in the market. I didn’t want to question myself if I hadn’t taken the program if this was something maybe I should have done. Co-op provides connections, and even though I am strong at networking, it added more connections that I didn't have. After my Co-op term, the company kept me on and I'm still working there today."

Jerri Lynn Morrison, Business Administration Diploma graduate, Insurance and Risk Management Major

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