Our team of Student Engagement Officers provide support for Chiu School of Business students with: 

  • academic advising for in-class and online program questions
  • course registration and scheduling
  • work experience and co-op work term
  • networking opportunities with local businesses

Have a question? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you can't find the answer you were looking for, Email Us and include your name, student number, program and question.

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll guide you through your curriculum and college policies. If you're not sure what pace, schedule and delivery method is right for you, we can help you figure it out. Full-time or part-time study; classroom or online learning - or a blend of both, we're here to help you make the best choices. And if there's something we can't help you with, we'll refer you to the department or service that can. Then you can focus on your studies. Contact a Student Engagement Officer to get help.

If you're attending the Calgary campus in class or you're an online learner, we'll send you information on how to register when you're accepted into your program. 

If you're at a regional campus, your registration will be different. Please contact your regional campus directly for more information.

Need help? Contact a Student Engagement Officer

Work Experience (practicum) offers you the opportunity to use your new skills in the workplace, receive strong mentorship, gain valuable experience, and enjoy networking opportunities with an approved host.  Work Experience is offered as an unpaid, non-credit work placement scheduled immediately following the completion of all required courses (Calgary placement only). This practical training runs for 4 to 6 weeks and is coordinated by a Student Engagement Officer. Note that ADMN999 Work Experience ($200 tuition) is a non-credit course and therefore not covered by student loans; students are encouraged to budget accordingly.

Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria and follow the application process to be accepted into Work Experience. The application process aligns with the competitive nature of a job search. Candidates are responsible to demonstrate a high level of professional and program expectations. Not all applicants are guaranteed a Work Experience position.

Application process for the Hospital Unit Clerk, Medical Office Assistant, Dental Business Assistant & Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate.

Work Experience requires you to complete a two part application process.  During the two part application process, students are subject to a number of required tasks, workshops, department interview, and submitting required documentation to work towards gaining an optional Work Experience placement. Work Experience candidates are held at a high standard of expectation at the industry and program level and final acceptance for placement is subject to department approval. Placements can be subject to cancellation at any time.

  1.    Apply in the first semester of your program. You will receive all of the information you will need to get the application process started at the beginning of your program. A handy checklist will be accessible to help you stay on track so you don’t miss any important tasks or deadlines.
  2.     Successfully complete the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) and/or remedial during your first term of study.  The TOWES credential is one pre-requisite for Work Experience eligibility. The best part of TOWES is that there is no cost, prep work, or studying before you write the exam! 
  3.    Successfully complete an Employment Preparation course (ADMN9998) in your last term of study.  Employment Preparation is a non-credit course ($150) and is one pre-requisite for Work Experience eligibility. It is It is important to note that both ADMN9999 ($200) and prerequisite ADMN9998 ($150) are non-credit courses and therefore not covered by student loans; students are encouraged to budget accordingly.
  4.    During the application process, you are required to attend mandatory workshops, complete two separate applications, submit industry and program required paperwork, complete an interview with your Student Engagement Officer, and gain department approval. These steps in the application process are pre-requisites for Work Experience eligibility. 
  5.    Other requirements include the successful completion of all of your program courses (30 credits) with a department required 2.6 GPA and a minimum B- grade in MGMT1201 Business Communication course.  These academic requirements are pre-requisites to Work Experience eligibility.

Application process for the Legal Assistant Diploma, and the Administrative Professional, Business Administration, Events Management, and Human Resources Certificates.
  1.    Complete the Work Experience Application Form and submit to your Student Engagement Officer.  Your Application Form must be received four months (one full semester) in advance of practicum start date. 
  2.     Successfully complete non-credit course ADMN9998 Employment Preparation ($150 tuition).  Note that ADMN9998 is a non-credit course and therefore not covered by student loans; students are encouraged to budget accordingly
  3.    Successfully complete BVC’s Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES). There is no cost or prep work required before writing your TOWES. 
  4.    Successfully complete all required program courses with a minimum 2.6 CGPA and a minimum B- grade in MGMT1201 Business Communication. 


Contact a Student Engagement Officer for more information.

The optional Co-op Program offers eligible Business Administration Diploma students personalized work search support to secure a full-time paid experience in their field of study for an entire term (4 months; Fall, Winter, or Summer).

Students accepted into the Co-op Program will develop their professional skills, enhance their resume, and network with employers as a means to boost employment opportunities. Applicants accepted into the program are responsible for demonstrating a high level of professional and program expectations. Not all students accepted into the Co-op program are guaranteed a Co-op Work Term position.

What is the Application Process?

Students must apply for acceptance into the Co-op Program. Timing of the application depends upon the intended full-time work term:

Intended Co-op Work Term

Application Deadline

Summer (May to August)

November 10

Fall (September to December)

March 10

Winter (January to April)

July 10

To be eligible to apply to the Co-op program, students must:

  • Complete the Test Of Workplace Essential Skills
  • Plan to complete 30 program credits prior to their intended Co-op Work Term
  • Attain a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Achieve a minimum B grade in MGMT1201
  • Complete the application process by the required deadlines

Applications and additional information for the Co-op Program are available to registered Business Administration Diploma students via Desire2Learn (D2L).

Work Term Placement

In the term prior to the intended Co-op Work Term, students accepted into the Co-op Program must complete the ADMN9998 Employment Preparation course ($150.00) alongside required Co-op activities and credit course enrollments. Student Engagement Officers support Co-op students in their active work search using the skills acquired in the ADMN9998 course and Co-op activities to apply to jobs to secure a Co-op Work Term placement. The process aligns with the competitive nature of a job search and employers will interview and select the students they wish to hire.

Students who secure a Co-op Work Term will be enrolled, by the department, in the COOP9998 Co-op Work Term course ($450.00) wherein they will complete Co-op assignments while working full-time to earn the Co-op designation. Only students who successfully pass the COOP9998 Co-op Work Term course will be granted the Co-op designation on their Diploma parchment.

Both ADMN9998 and COOP9998 are non-credit courses that are not covered by student loans; students are encouraged to budget accordingly.

Contact a Student Engagement Officer for more information.

To be a full-time student in the Chiu School of Business, you must be registered in a minimum three (3) courses. If you are registered in one or two courses only, you are considered a part-time student. It is important to know that loan funding is different for full-time and part-time students. Any changes in your status will also affect your loan. 
You may register for a maximum of five (5) courses per term, which is considered full course load. Registering for full course load ensures that you complete your program in the least amount of time.  If you register for fewer than five (5) courses each semester, it will take you longer to complete your program. 

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