Get matched with a faculty-approved student for one-on-one tutoring. Peer tutoring is ideal for students who need to gain a stronger understanding of their course material. If you're Chiu student and are interested in becoming a peer tutor or want to be matched with one, send us an email. Please make sure to state your full name, student ID, the program you're enrolled in and full course name and course code.

Chiu peer tutoring

"It was a great experience. I got an 80%+ on my exam! Thanks for organizing and finding my tutor."

"Being a peer tutor has really taught me a lot about myself as a student. It helped reinforce concepts I had learned and it's a great feeling to know that you are helping someone. I have seen the tutees improvement in their grades and I feel that their success is also my success."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have difficulty understanding the course material? Do you want to improve your grades? Are you looking for tips on how to study effectively? Do you have a referral from your instructor? If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions, contact us.

All peer tutoring must be approved by the Chiu School of Bsuiness Project Officer. Be sure to include your full name, student ID, the program you're enrolled in, and the full course name and course code. 

You must be a Chiu School of Business student with a B grade (or higher) in the course(s) you will tutor. You also need:

  • a recommendation from your instructor
  • excellent communication and organizational skills
  • a desire to help others succeed
  • effective study habits,
  • to be respectful, dependable
  • have excellent class attendance. 

Peer tutors are paid an hourly rate of $15. Contact us to find out if you meet the requirements. Peer tutors are approved by the Chiu School of Business Project Officer.

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