International Awards and Scholarships

If you're an international student, you might be able to apply for additional awards.

Entrance awards

You’re eligible if you’re an international student who hasn’t attended Bow Valley College before.

See the list of entrance awards.

Learner pathway awards

You’re eligible if you:

  • have completed one or more terms of Bow Valley’s International English Language Learning program.
  • will continue your studies in a Bow Valley College certificate or diploma program.


You’re an international student who:

  • has completed one or more courses at a high school in Alberta.
  • will continue studies will continue your studies in a certificate or diploma program.

See a list of learner pathway awards.

In-course awards

You’re eligible if you’re an international student in a certificate or diploma program at Bow Valley.

See a list of in-course awards.

Internationalization Award of Excellence

If you’re a Bow Valley College student, you can apply for this award. It recognizes someone who makes a special effort to engage the campus community in international education and multiculturalism.

Read more about the Internationalization Award.

Apply for awards


Application deadlines

  • Apply before April 30 each year for any in-course student awards.
  • Apply before July 15 each year for any entrance scholarships.
  • You can apply for more than one award.
  • To apply for entrance awards, you must be accepted and registered in courses.
  • You can apply for entrance awards while you wait for your study permit. You will be asked to present your study permit 10 business days before New Student Orientation.
  • If you’re an elected recipient, we’ll contact you 40 days after the application deadline.
  • If you’re an elected recipient for other awards, you must have a valid study permit.

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