Bow Valley College Launches Revitalized Brand

Bow Valley College is excited to introduce our revitalized brand – a new logo, new colours, but the same commitment to student success. Bow Valley College has been an integral part of the post-secondary landscape in Calgary for decades, but we have grown – in our programing and our values! From our humble roots as a vocational college to today, with over 17,000 students in 900 courses, our new brand is focused on the concepts of time and productivity. This brand revitalization represents an evolution and showcases clearly to our constituents our key values and where we are headed as an institution. 

Our revitalized brand is special; we took the time to uncover it, rather than create it. Our revitalized brand was uncovered through intensive consultation (over two years’ worth!) with our stakeholders – staff, alumni, donors, students and community partners like you. Our college remains committed to focused, practical education that can help people get to work, and our new brand reflects that. 

“Bow Valley College has grown very quickly, adding many great programs covering every kind of career or industry you can imagine. We want to make sure that everyone knows that, and knows how excited we are about our future,” says Mario Siciliano, Vice President, External. “Our students are focused and know what they want. They come to our college, get their micro-credential, diploma, or certificate, and they move on to achieve their goals. There are very tangible outcomes.” 

Wondering about our new logo? Bow Valley College’s new logo (we call it a crest!) is made up of five icons that represent the five values deemed most important by its employees and key stakeholders: respect, creativity, inclusion, resilience, and teamwork. When the icons come together, they form an abstract landscape that represents the Bow Valley region of Alberta that we call home. Our stakeholders told us that our sense of place in the Calgary community is an integral part of our story, and our new logo represents that.  

Our goals remain the same! To support students and alumni on their own timelines, empower them with employment and life skills and to help them achieve their goals quickly. Our new brand showcases our progress and our successes. Bow Valley College has always prided itself on its authenticity; we don’t have to try to be different, we just want people to know who we are. Our revitalized brand acknowledges our proud history as a vocational college and celebrates our exciting future, with programs in every career or industry you can imagine. This new brand also helps us demonstrate to our community supporters – our donors and alumni like you! – how your commitment over the years has set the foundation for our future. We are Alberta’s largest comprehensive community college, and we are excited to share this success with you, our greatest ambassadors! 

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