Craig Elias talking with students


Exporting our entrepreneurial ways

Craig Elias is showing the world how the College does entrepreneurship differently.

Craig Elias, the College’s entrepreneur in residence, is getting ready to show the world how the College does entrepreneurship differently. This October 9 to 11, Elias will be joining Bow Valley College’s International team at a conference in Kingston, Jamaica. The conference, which the International department will be leading and UNESCO UNEVOC will be funding, is called “Moving to Action Through Collaborative Capacity Development.” Attendees will include representatives from various Caribbean post-secondary institutions, UNESCO UNEVOC, and a national training agency. 

At the College, Elias runs the successful VentureQuest competition and WannaB Wednesdays, an experiential learning program for learners who are aspiring entrepreneurs. He teaches learners not just how to think like an entrepreneur, but how to act like an entrepreneur. This means helping learners move out of their comfort zone, so they can take on new challenges, and showing them that even if they fail, they learn. 

At the workshop, he’ll speak on entrepreneurship in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). In other words, he’ll be sharing the tools and framework he has used for initiatives like VentureQuest and WannaB Wednesdays. 

“When I visit classes and ask students how many of them would like to own their own business one day, half the class puts their hand up,” says Elias. “I’m excited to share with my counterparts in Jamaica how we get students to act like, not just think like, entrepreneurs. While I'm there, they'll experience how we do that in a way that enables them to teach the exercises I’m showing them to their students.”

Tristan Cole, the international development officer at the College who is managing this project, says the conference is “an opportunity for the Chiu School of Business to exert a leadership role within entrepreneurship in education, which is a wider trend we have seen in international education.” He adds the occasion is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with existing partners, and to create new relationships. 

The College has had many international business development opportunities throughout the world. The “Moving to Action Through Collaborative Capacity Development” conference is just one of them. 

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