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Four things to do in the East Village in November

How to have fun in this urban neighbourhood now

Did you know that Bow Valley College borders one of the country’s top city building projects? That’s how a recent report by an urban tourism consulting company described the East Village, the revitalized neighbourhood right outside the College’s 3 Street S.E. doors. With roots as Calgary's first neighbourhood, the East Village is home to public spaces, urban parks, and heritage buildings.

As a College learner, there’s so much in this neighbourhood you can enjoy at lunch, or during your breaks in between classes. Here are four things to do in the East Village in November.  

  1. The Simmons Building: This former mattress factory opened in 2015 as the home of three of the city’s favourite eateries. Study while sampling the latest coffee at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, treat yourself to a pastry from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, or celebrate submitting your most recent project at Charbar. 
  2. One Unit Run Club: Stressed about school? Exercise is a great way to keep your serotonin levels in check, and with One Unit Run Club, it couldn’t be easier. This all-level run club meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. on RiverWalk for a five- to eight-kilometre run. Four-legged friends are optional! 
  3. Studio Bell After Hours: On Friday, November 24, see what happens at the National Music Centre after dark. The final 2017 installment of Studio Bell After Hours, the evening will feature a multi-level dance party, instrument interactives, lots of food and drinks, and more. Get your tickets before they’re gone here (student rate available).      
  4. Create your own walking tour: In addition to the Simmons Building, a handful of heritage buildings can be found in the East Village. Create your own walking tour by visiting them all. Head south from the College to the Hillier Block, a building which housed residential suites during the massive Western Canada migration wave of the early 20th century. Next, check out one of the city’s oldest hotels, the St. Louis, which still has elements of its neoclassical design. Lastly, make a stop at the King Edward Hotel, an internationally-known musical landmark that was rebuilt, brick by brick, after being dismantled in 2013.   


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