Connie Caraiman


Education is the pulse

Connie Caraiman, a Hospital Unit Clerk Certificate graduate, would have made her father proud.

Connie Caraiman moved to Calgary after completing high school in her native Nicaragua. “My father believed we could accomplish anything," Connie recalls. "And he truly valued education.”

“He was my biggest cheerleader, but he passed away before he could see me graduate from the Hospital Unit Clerk program.” Connie began her journey at Bow Valley College with English as a Second Language courses, and then completed the General Education Development (GED) tests.

Her journey at Bow Valley College continued years later when she found herself unemployed during the recent economic downturn. Connie was ready for a career change, and the Hospital Unit Clerk certificate appealed to her.

The online delivery allowed her the flexibility needed for her personal life. She admits that at times she felt overwhelmed and isolated as an online learner. “You have to get engaged right away,” suggests Connie. She also recommends online learners communicate regularly with instructors and take advantage of resources including workshops, the online delivery team, and the library. 

“I structured a schedule to follow and worked it around my family commitments.”

Connie completed her work experience practicum at the Peter Lougheed Hospital. “I never felt I lacked any skills or knowledge while working in the day surgery unit," said Connie. "I was able to apply all the training I received from the Chiu School of Business at my practicum. Everything I've needed in the workplace, I got at Bow Valley College."


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