A catalyst for change

Professional Engineer, Andrea Noriega Wandurraga, learns the fundamentals of business to progress her dream in establishing a consultancy firm in the energy sector.

As a recent graduate from the Business Administration Certificate program, Andrea is one of several professional engineers who have taken business programs at the Chiu School of Business. Andrea’s dreams are impressive with a five-year goal to own a consultancy firm providing eco-friendly solutions for the energy sector that supports renewable energies.

After graduating in Colombia with a chemical engineer degree, Andrea worked in the oil and gas field providing petrochemical solutions for a growing oilfield services company. Wanting to expand on her profession and the responsibility she feels to the planet and its habitants, she moved to Calgary. With a cousin living in Calgary and her oil and gas background, she felt a familiar and intellectual connection. Bow Valley College’s one-year business administration certificate piqued her interest as it would provide the comprehensive business skills and knowledge needed for managing her own company.

“I experienced everything at Bow Valley College. Having the opportunity to impact people is an important responsibility.” Andrea was a highly, sought-after peer tutor for the Chiu School of Business helping students develop decision-making and problem-solving skills in several courses.

Being an element of change in this world, the laws of motion are still in play for Andrea. She now resides in “Robin Hood County,” outside of Sherwood Forest, at the University of Nottingham completing a master’s degree in chemical engineering. The opportunity to complete a master’s degree was made possible through a Chevening Scholarship. Andrea was one of 20 Colombian students selected from over 1,800 applications received this year. She is excited, as the University
of Nottingham is ranked in the top 100 by QS World University Rankings in 2017/18. 

Good luck Andrea! There is a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results.

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