David Laditan

I have a Master of Engineering and worked for over 2 years analyzing data during my graduate research project. I am currently enhancing my skillset in data analytics and business intelligence, because I find this field exciting and a good fit for my technical background.

The power of data to provide insights to challenging questions is fascinating to me, and I see its tremendous value in helping to make better business decisions. I am also currently doing self-development in Python programming and working with data visualization libraries. I am looking for opportunities to apply my skills and help businesses solve challenging problems.

Deanne Williams

Specializing in large-scale data sets, I am a seasoned Business Data Analyst. I became interested in the organization and structure of large data sets through my work in large-scale multinational litigation.

Analysis, design, and recommending data structures and systems that make value-driven business sense are what motivate me. Once the data is in place, I can build a relevant data universe by utilizing advanced analytics, eliminating lengthy and costly reviews, and increasing precision and accuracy. 

I look forward to applying the database structure, predictive analytics, and business intelligence I learned through the Tech Skills Initiative to think critically and provide workable solutions for businesses.

Edwin Ndatuje 

I have 9 years of diverse experience working as a Business Analyst in areas such as strategic planning, project management, and corporate reporting.

In order to keep up with the rapid change in technology, I am upgrading my skills in data management, predictive analytics, and business intelligence to assist companies in making smarter and more informed decisions. 

I thrive in an environment where I am challenged, and I am passionate about continuous learning. I am excited about the future of analytics, particularly as it expands with the advancement of technology, and I look forward to being an active contributor in this field. 

Enza Ward

I hold a diploma with honours from Mount Royal University in Computer Information Systems. For over 8 years, I worked as a Business Systems Analyst supporting a large-scale marketing division, a role that allowed me to interface directly with internal customers to enhance a custom in-house application, in alignment with the systems development life cycle. This multi-faceted role was very enjoyable because it emphasized customer interaction and gathering business requirements, as well as software development.  

As empathy is one of my strengths, I naturally gravitate towards building genuine, solid relationships. I adapt quickly to new situations and challenges and place a strong emphasis on communication, collaboration, and innovation. 

Currently, I am enrolled in Bow Valley College’s Tech Skills Initiative for which I’m grateful to pursue my interest in technology and a career in business intelligence and predictive analytics. I look forward to making a difference and being a valuable team member.  

I count family, yoga, music, nutrition, and kombucha among my interests.

Fareed Siddiqui

 I am a passionate professional with a background in engineering and environmental assessment. Realizing the enormous growth of the tech sector, I am part of the Tech Skills Initiative at Bow Valley College (BVC), where I am learning database fundamentals, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. 

I am an avid learner with the skillset to analyze and problem solve, and my diverse experience is an asset to solving problems of a multidisciplinary nature. Upon completing my coursework at BVC, I would like to be a part of the growing tech sector in Calgary.


Ola Ajayi

As an adaptable Data Analyst with a background in information technology, I am proficient in interpreting, analyzing, and reporting. As well, I am highly competent in the use of Excel, predictive analytics, and business intelligence tools. 

I am analytical in nature and passionate about lifelong learning - strengths I will utilize to assist companies increase business efficiencies. 



Richard Lowden

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. I am a highly motivated individual who is hard working and a self-starter. I have developed numerous databases, managed teams, and have experience in sales and marketing.

I have continued to upgrade my education throughout my career, and I am currently attending Bow Valley College to enhance my Excel, database management, business analytics, and computer programming knowledge.

I am excited about the future of tech in Calgary, and I look forward to expanding my technical interests to help businesses grow.  

Reolito Roxas

I have a background in electronics and communications engineering. In Calgary, I worked as an Electrical Drafter for over 10 years, working on small to large size projects in the energy sector. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering and taking advantage of opportunities to give back to my community and helping people through various charitable organizations.  

I am a loyal and dedicated employee who enjoys working with people. I am a quick learner, currently enhancing my skills through the Tech Skills Initiative at Bow Valley College. 

I believe that data analytics and business intelligence is very relevant in today's ever-changing world, and I look forward to assisting companies organize and analyze their data to aid them in making sound business decisions.

Stan Chen 

I have a background in Electrical Engineering, with work experience primarily in project management. Through working with change management, I’ve discovered the importance of data and benchmarks, and how to harness them in business activities to make informed and successful decisions, reducing costs and maximizing profits. 

I am an approachable person and a team player. I’m keen on bringing value and assisting my peers in reaching their goals. With the right mix of talents in salesmanship and technical skills, I’m finding myself in pursuit of a future in business intelligence and sales analytics. I look forward to making a difference and being a valuable member of a team.

Roselin Perozo

 I am a Computer Engineer with 10 years of experience managing and analyzing data to improve companies’ operational performance and efficiencies. 

I am excited about Alberta's tech and innovation ecosystem, and I would love the opportunity to utilize my skills and experience to support and contribute to the expansion and evolution of what I view as the future of our province.


Vladan Simin

I completed my studies in geophysics, with a minor in applied mathematics and programming. While I worked as a geophysicist for many years, I spent most of my career collecting, processing, and analyzing data, which led me to realize that I wanted to transition into a new industry.

Currently, I am in the Tech Skills Program at Bow Valley College, focusing on business intelligence, data analytics, and database building. This transition was smooth because I love and excel at creating order, and logically structuring and analyzing data. 

My goal is to obtain a position that would allow me to apply my strong design, problem solving, and presentation skills in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Steven Fisher 

I am a technical professional with over 10 years’ experience supporting software users ranging from single person consultants to global corporations. 

I have strong technical skills and enjoy empowering users in their daily tasks and activities. Presently, I am learning business intelligence, predictive analytics, and database administration, and I hope to apply these skills to solve challenges and find opportunities in the workplace. 


Heather Michaelian

 My background in information technology (IT) provides me with progressive technical and analytical skills. I have experience and skills in programming, analyzing and managing systems, which include problem and change management, configuration management, inventory/asset management, and process and service management. I also have experience as a technical team lead and architect supporting server infrastructures. 

Recognizing the need to stay in-sync with the ever-evolving nature of IT, I am upgrading my technical skills through Bow Valley College’s Technical Skills Program. 

Due to the growth in volume of data across diverse industries, there is a need to help businesses manage data and analyze the information to help guide and direct decisions. With an acquired knowledge in data analytics, I look forward to new opportunities in this field.

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